Paying Kindness Forward

Today I felt an unusual contentment inside my heart.

People are nice. The thing about social interaction is, you never quite know what to expect. And sometimes, you get lucky.

I went for a BodyPump class in the gym I frequent,  where the typical equipment required were a Smartstep bench with two/ three pairs of risers, barbells and weights (I had to search what all the actual terms were). As I was late, all the risers and barbells were grabbed by others, and I was left with just a Smartstep bench and weights.  I went out of the studio to grab a barbell from another section in the gym.

When I came back to the studio, a guy (Guy 1) who was stationed on my left gave me a set of his risers. This was coincidentally the same guy that I offered a pair of risers the day before, which he gladly accepted.

This set of a chain reaction where the girl (Girl 1) on my right gave me a set of hers, and later gave another set to the girl (Girl 2) in front of me.  The guy (Guy 2) next to the Girl 2, after much contemplation, proceeded to give Girl 2 another set of his.

So both Girl 2 and I had enough to get started on our workout of the day.  What a great morning to start the day, right?

I want to be surrounded by people who inspire each other to be nicer  to one another. I want to be around people who are sincere and honest, and not too egoistic to apologise sincerely when making mistakes. To be around people who congratulate each other for a promotion instead of forcing a treat out of them. To be around people who do not diminish a person’s capability by referring them to a superior’s “pet”. To mix with who tell me about their day instead of asking me to “check it out Instagram”. To not be overcritical but more be more sensitive about others’ emotions.

To make the world a better place, it does not have to be a grand gesture. Smile at a stranger. Leave the door open for the next person that comes through the door. Say thank you to the cashier. Ask about another person’s day. Surprise someone with a small gift.

If we focus on the kindness of the world, even the smallest pebble can make ripples.



Before you,
the name was just a five letter word,
two syllabus belonging to millions of people in the world.

But when I called your name today,
Someone else turned,
6 feet and smiling,
That reminds me of you.

I am finally whole again,
but why can’t I forget,
what it felt like to be broken.


Daily Prompt: Unfurl

2016 in Review

When you start to feel like things should have been better this year, remember the mountains and valleys that got you here. They are not accidents, and those moments weren’t in vain. You are not the same. You have grown and you are growing. You are breathing, you are living, you are wrapped in endless, boundless grace.

And things will get better. There is more to you than yesterday.

~ Morgan Harper Nichols

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The Passing

How do we measure loss?

Do we measure the time that they have gone, the way once we measured their birthdays? Do we calculate the times when it gets too hard to breathe or quantify the hollowness between each heartbeat?

We don’t talk about death. It isn’t the morbidity of death itself, but the rawest and purest of emotions that cuts deep within. When someone we know dies, we grief. We cope. We pay our condolences to the living and our last respects to the departed.

But what happens to the people who are left behind? How do we come to terms the emptiness that lingers within the air?

On the same day I celebrated the joyous union of two people, I lost someone I know. I will always remember him as a simple man who was never short of smiles. The little head that popped across the fence and simple pleasantries we exchanged. But for his heartbroken family, they lost more than a neighbour; they lost a lifetime partner, a sibling, a father, a grandfather,  a friend.

So tell me, what happens to the people who are left to pick up the pieces? For the inconsolable widow who sobbed uncontrollably as she retold the happenings leading to his final moments. For the strongest of men that let their tears fall so naturally. For the people who knew him well.

Death brings life into perspective, much like the appreciation of light in presence of darkness. It is in death, we remember the living. Look around us, who matters most? What if the last time you talk a person will be the last? What will your last memories be?

Grief is unexpected; it catches you by surprise, like a gush of wind or a wave that crash onto the shore. At the end of the day, death is inevitably part of life; so, allow yourself to grief.

With each breath you take, allow yourself to heal.

This is Home

As I sat on the worn-out seats at the airport waiting for my flight, the feeling of nostalgia slowly creeps in.

Coming back always feels like entering into a time wrap. Nothing seems to change but it does.

I love this town, before it becomes a city; before the timed traffic lights, new establishments, high rise buildings and concrete highways.

I love this city for its simplicity; for the familiar creaks on the wooden stairways, chipped paints on statues, serene environment in the park, and the sunset view by the beach.

I love this city for the friends I have made and lost; the simple conversations, the laughters that echoed, the memories inked in photographs.

I love this city for my family and relatives; for the people that love me and teach me invaluable life lessons. The people that watch me grow up and forgive me for my shortcomings.

I will always love this city. Even when I spread my wings and learn to fly, this is where I will always belong. This is home. 

Till we meet again.