Random Thoughts #01: Getting Started

This is an attempt to start writing my thoughts and feelings for what they are, raw and unfiltered. That #01 you see at the end of the title signifies hope – that there are more to come, well hopefully. Are you ready to take a ride in my mind. Brace yourself, it may be bumpy. And a lengthy read, just a heads up. Continue reading

[Photo] Place in the World

There is a thrill of coming back;
To a place with the fondest memories;
To the people who love me unconditionally;
To the eyes that lit up with delight;
To the laughters – music to my ears;
To the most beautiful sunsets;
To the community – friendly and kind;
To a place so peaceful and serene;
To a place I feel safe and sound;
To this special place I call home.
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My 12 Weeks Experience at The Playground Fitness

I am one of the many that do not believe in new year resolutions. It seems kind of silly, the notion of a new year new me as though the start of a calendar year will magically reset time. I prefer to go with the flow and to be open to the possibilities the world has to offer and to see what each decision leads to.

In fact, I had stumbled across The Playground Fitness early January while Continue reading