Weston Hall

I registered into weston hall two days ago, but only officially move in today (first of eighth month of lunar calendar). the reason is this : i’m the only person in the 8-room flat. it’s really creepy with all rooms and nobody inside.



my room is at the furthest end to the left. since it’s on the top floor, it’s cooler, quieter, more secluded and better security (unlike caro who’s staying at the ground floor -haha!) the first door on the left is the common room.

this is how my room look like the night i move in. the picture is taken right at night, hence the very cosy lighting.

room 2

room 2

room 1

room 1



We’re given a bunch of four keys ; one for the room, one for the flat itself, one for safety box and the last’s for mailbox. the grey metal is for the main entrance. the laundry room is in the basement. the first time i go is at night, and the doors give a creepy creaking sounds that send me running up to the ground floor almost immediately.

washing machines

washing machines




my flat-mates are very friendly. or maybe that’s how the westerners differ from us.

from my flat alone, the first person i meet is anuj from india, doing accounts and finance (third year). or rather he scares me after i dash out of the laundry room to my room. imagine knowing that you’re alone and suddenly hearing sounds from the common room.

cameron, the second person who moves in, enters my room without knocking (to be fair, he doesn’t know there’s anyone in). he thinks that i am changing though. haha. cameron’s originally from south africa, but move to little st. anne’s (just one hour away). although he’s doing his third year in business, he plans to change to medicine after finishing his course and later enter some charity work like Peace Corp (i think). such a determined person!

next, kayleigh from north hampton. she’s doing business, hoping for business with politics. wow. i would never never have a slight interest on politics. it’s a wonder i know who the prime minister of malaysia is. and no, i don’t know the agung name.

two rooms away, jami, a very petite girl with London accent, is from Philippines, doing actuarial science. at first i am curious about the accent, and after some time then she tells me about her moving to the UK since she was ten.

lisa from china is two rooms away, right in front of the common room. poor her. we spend a lot of time talking in the common room, and she somehow experiences jet lag. how come?

my flat-neighbour, arya move in with a big fridge in hand. okay, it is in his father’s hand, but still, i was like WOW! we have two refrigerators already. he’s a very nice guy, doing law. oh, and i notice a ring on his right hand. i am tempted to ask if he’s married but it seems kinda odd though. he’s doing law, which reminds me of a scrabble friend’s sis’ who’s also coming to MU to do law.

the last guy’s name slip my mind though. (update on 24/9 : name’s sahir) i only remember he’s from london. he’s kind of mysterious though.

i notice we’re evenly distributed ; four males and four females; almost all with completely different courses. there’s another thing i notice, i do not need to worry about waking my neigbours up cause i bet they sleep later then i do. i can still hear one talking with a friend and another watching the tv. sound pollution! lol


p/s: it’s a wonder if you actually read all of it. i haven’t take any pictures of my flat-mates yet. who likes a camera being shoved in front of their face anyway 🙂


that night cameron invites me to a gathering at the blue core, other flats (there are five colours ; blue, red, green, silver and yellow). i stupidly agree, only to enter a room with all westerners, one hand holding alcohol and the other poker cards. it’s a true cultural shock, sigh. i have never taken a drip of alcohol in my life (excluding the time i mistaken shandy for chrysanthemum tea when i was seven), so i bail the first opportunity i have.  alcohol, like beef, give a sickly smell.

but i wonder, how long before i give in to curiosity? the temptation to try something new. something dangerously exciting.


2 thoughts on “Weston Hall

  1. stkyul says:

    hahaha..ur flat look like the hotel le..no home feeling de..u cnt differentiate between sindy and chrysanthemum tea??the smelly is totally diff le…i think the first time i drink sindy is last year gua…first time i started to touch alcoholic drink in my life…

    Reply: to be fiar i’m only seven at that time 😀 shandy have the kind of smell too but the percentage of alcohol i quite low, right?

  2. stkyul says:

    yeah..may b jz 5 % if i am nt wrong lo..but the smell is still thr le..

    Reply: there’s so much? i don’t remember too. i thought it’s zero point something. no? don’t care la.

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