Leeds and flashbacks

most good recollections start with a good beginning, but this one doesn’t. it starts with us missing two trains to Leeds; diyana, lz and i buy the 8.40 am ticket but board the 9.26 am instead.

*note: flashbacks are in italic


the 54 minutes train ride is also a journey of discovering the new true side of diyana, beardy mike and horse-y mike (seriously, you don’t want to know how the names came up). you can never really know someone completely, can you?



so, i’m still a little upset about spending £2.20 bus fare to fallowfield to supposedly see fireworks for bonfire night (which i did see tints of them on the way back to weston hall with jun) and end up being coaxed for two long hours by two mikes and annick to go to pub, club or bar; and frankly, i don’t really see the point of ever differentiating these three places.

i have no idea of why they are so persistent in asking me to hang out with them, till they even suggest to invite my whole gang out just so that i will step foot in a p/c/b. even though some are tempted to, none of them go, which pretty much corroborate with what i tell them : the group i hang out with don’t go to p/c/b ! 🙂 thank goodness


we wait at the train station for Nazrul and Abdul to show up and take us around Leeds. a whole day bus ticket costs £1.40 only. such contrast if compared to manchester. we miss our stop, but that means more time exploring the city.. from inside the bus. christmas decorations are up, which means caro would probably love leeds more than she enjoy manchester now.



our main destination of the day : Temple Newsam.

we pass by Colton Village which is as though it’s a page out of a fairy tale book. or maybe i’m just sakai never see houses like this.




we have drinks at a tea shop nearby. it’s frightening to see nazrul and diyana poor three packets of sugar into their small cup of tea.


and diyana keeps going to the toilet! i wonder if she looks like this if she holds it in for the whole day 🙂



it’s cliche to say that the view is breathtaking, but it’s also true. picture may paint a thousand words, but true beauty is so profoundly beautiful that it can only be captured by the eyes.









my fav:



with deepest sorrow, i have to say that today, i’ve regain my fear of dogs. let me tell you what happen: susan and i are in a deep conversation when suddenly a big dog appear in front of me. i hear susan yells “dog” and i scream. the next thing i know, my cheeks are wet and when i open my eyes, the dog is gone. sigh.

do you want to know where the fear comes from? 10 years ago, i absent mindedly walk into my friend’s house without peering in first only to be attacked by eight black dogs. they literally jump on me, and like today, tears flow involuntarily out. since then, i avoid dogs as much as i can. some fear can be faced, some just to be avoided.

after around three hours or so, we take a bus back to the city. i’m amused to see Sonic and amazed by two performances 🙂





we stop by Zam Zam for lunch. share a tandoori biryani with susan for a bloody six pounds. it’s worth it though, i miss the familiar spicy taste, and right now, i miss Fairose’s shop nasi briyani 🙂


nazrul give us a tour of Leeds University. it’s pretty nice i’d say, but don’t all university look the same? you’re right, they don’t. but they are all unique in their way. the sky turns completely dark at around five in the evening, so we head of to nazrul’s accomodation and hang out for the remainder three hours before heading back to manchester.

even though i’m mentally tired on the train ride back, i am extra careful to make sure that i have everything with me, especially my phone and camera, when leaving the train.

few days ago, sahir’s girl friend, aruna, comes teary-eyed to my room explaining how she forgets to grab her phone before rushing out of the train. i can’t seem to convince her that nobody has stolen her phone, and someone’s bound to return it sooner or later (which is impossible back in malaysia). one hour later, the train manager or whoever calls back asking her to collect her phone at the train station. damn lucky. (meanwhile she also tells me that sahir gives her the key to his room so that she can clean it. poor her. naughty sahir)

caro and lionel leaves some food for me to warm up for my dinner. how touching.

speaking of food, last friday, caro and i host a 9-people dinner last friday, which is due to lack of communication, i invite friends, caro invite friends, lionel invite friends, and none of us know about the other friends XD betcha got lost with all the friends word i’m using. it doesn’t matter how, but we have fun preparing.



and yesterday, i miss a dinner with all lovely malaysian food. don’t want to challenge my stomach with rendangs and currys a day before departing for leeds.

but good news is, diyana plans to cook roasted chicken and invites lz and i to do it together (with beardy mike and horsey mike probably). how awesome is that?

leed’s pretty amazing. but i’m glad to be back. reading week’s almost over. discover a pleasant news. go to two new cities. try finishing up my coursework. pretty good week i’d say.


2 thoughts on “Leeds and flashbacks

  1. stkyul says:

    hahaha..wat happen to the bonfire nite??i am curious about it..nvr mind..tell me after exam…i knw y their instead to ask u go to those place because …apa hal u wrap like dumpling while other no nd…

  2. Michael says:


    I found your journal whilst googling for photos of Manchester. I hope you don’t mind me reading it. It was very interesting.

    There is a big difference between a bar, a club and a pub.

    A bar is usually modern and rather characterless.

    A club you have to pay to get in, it is open very late (all night sometimes) and is mainly for dancing to loud music, watching bands, comedy acts or other entertainment.

    A pub is different and it can have a lot of special soul and character. They vary but many are very old (hundreds of years) and often the centre of a community where people meet and socialise, especially in small villages. They often have games like pool or darts or cards or dominoes. Their walls can be full of the unique atmosphere and history of all these hundreds of years, depending, of course, on the pub: modern ones will lack this. Student pubs are usually shabby, too and not so good.. But more traditional pubs are an important part of UK culture and you shouldn’t disregard them. Some would say they are the heart or soul of England. As the 18th century poet, Hilaire Belloc once wrote: “When you have lost your inns drown your empty selves, for you will have lost the last of England!” Coincidentally, this quote is written on the wall in a pub in Manchester called The City Arms. A nice pub near Umist is the Bull’s Head next to Piccadilly Station.

    There is more to pubs than you think. You don’t have to drink alcohol in a pub. You can sit and drink juice and other things.

    Have a nice day.

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