Christmas Lighting

there is an event call the Manchester Christmas Lights Switch On at 6.30p.m. today (thursday), and since we’re all going, caro invites ying to eat with us while i invite looh zhen susan and careena. i went back at four after pbl session and starts preparing with susan… for a six person meal. never did i expect caro coming with ying and three more!

the kitchen is far too small for us; sis and i cook fried rice, potatoes, susages and bean curd with miso paste; sahir cook– burnt his salmon, boil potatoes and fry eggs; jami with her curry noodles.

i have no idea how it happens, whose fault is it and why it takes us so long to realise it.. but a slotted turner actually melts in sahir’s cooking pot. in other words, we’ve been breathing in toxic for ten minutes or more! and things start to go wrong soon later. i trip over someone’s foot, the speaker falls off the refrigerator, cheese falling on the floor…

but in the end, the nine of us (lionel, matthew, gerald, looh zhen, ying, seng tuck, caro, careena and i) have a happy dinner. if some of the westerners avoid having two malaysians in a group, we malaysians must avoid having two singaporeans in a same group!! cause all they talk about is military. military. military. pfft. jerrold and lionel.. tsk tsk.

the washing up part is the hard part. just imagine, at least thirteen plates, nine forks and spoons and two pairs of chopsticks, four pots and pans, knives, including some other things my flat mates leave in the sink. i think sorting up who’s things belong to whom would take up more time than washing itself… caro and i take nearly half hour to wash all the dishes in the sink, and ying and looh zhen finish the remaining when i return to my room and change.

at eight, the eleven of us go on foot to Albert Square, hopefully in time to watch the fireworks… i have no idea what fireworks have against me but this is the second frigging time i’ve miss the fireworks. the first time is for the bonfire night. 😦

but the Santa Claus figurine is beautiful, so it’s not entirely a waste.

at Town Hall

we meet up with pei hau, sarah, wai lum, and some other civil engineering friends. with our pace of walking few steps and stopping for ten minutes, it’s surprising that we ever reach home.

i accompany a moody Jake back to weston hall while the rest wait for someone, no idea who, to buy a £10 some sort of alcoholic drink from Sainsburry. £10 is almost equivalent to my one week grocery expenses. yikes.

immediately reaching back to weston, i bath, not knowing that my friends are at my flat that quickly (or is it that i bath too long?). in the end, they drink at matthew’s flat. and from what i’ve heard, some get a little drunk.

meanwhile i stay back and skype with my mum. .. until two in the morning. this reminds me of an argumentative essay in EM tuition almost five six years back about living underground. no time zones, no time differences.. and no late nights .

susan sleeps over once again. i can’t remember what we talk about, but i only remember the “buy 1 free 1 pizza” from Dominos and her laughing at michael’s “speak, monkey, speak” phrase. i’m not going to bother to tell you about it because retelling it makes it less funny. 😀


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