Ignorance or negligence

can we ever get too familiar with people around us? just like our belongings, do we take them for granted, knowing, believing that they will always be there… or do we only realise their significance once they are gone?

i lost my watch two weeks ago, and i find myself constantly pulling up my sleeve or touching my wrist only to notice it is not there. the emptiness, the disappointment. but, somehow i know i’m going to get my watch back, although i have never really thought how.

it was on one fateful day when i happened to meet the man who changes our rubbish bag daily, who told me that he has passed the watch on to the reception. and so i went. but then i realised i could not even describe my watch, apart from it’s silver and has looped band. i don’t even know what brand it is..

ever since, i remember the brand of my watch.

and the man who collects the rubbish each morning is Malcolm.

One thought on “Ignorance or negligence

  1. stkyul says:

    lol..tis showed u are heartless la..u wear it everyday and u cnt descripe it out!!!!!will u 4get how i look one day??may b it is possible de lo..hahahah

    Reply: hahaha. i won’t lah. 😀 you will always be the girl with the jagung hair !! LOL

    celaka!!!!no jagung hair liao de ho

    i’d remember you how i remember you best 😀 HHAHHAHA . jagung hair is your trademark

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