Snow Sprinkles

which do you prefer; constant workload throughout the semester that leaves you an enjoyable final week, or a loose timetable  with the busiest final week of the semester? i prefer the former, but instead i (and the rest of the first year chemical engineering course-mates) am stuck with the latter. tough luck eh?

we’ve just survive Matlab, Engineering Chemistry test, and Engineering Design tests, including a Transport Phenomena coursework and a formal lab report. okay, it doesn’t sound bad, but it is. the roots of education is bitter but the fruits are sweet. right now, i don’t feel like my tree is bearing any fruits, or flowers..


what’s new?



i see the first snow of the season. the first snow of my life. it is so surreal yet magical. so beautiful.


that very night, chia khuan, lionel and i accompany caro for caroling at her church. the choir is nice to listen to; though i wonder if there’s a higher female voice than soprano. super soprano maybe?

the food at the chaplaincy after the choir is good though. the pies taste kind of sweet though but ah well, i had three of them!

it feels like a long way back, with cold air and slippery pavements, the 15 minute walk feels like forever.

we reach weston hall around ten, with red noses, rosy cheeks and icy hands. not a moment to remember, but i’d be expecting worse by january.


the night’s almost over.

more later.


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