Year 1 Sem 1 Holidays

i have the earliest breakfast in my entire life today, though i do wonder if we still call it ‘breakfast’ if we never sleep through the night? well don’t you worry, i’m not insomniac like my flatmate arya (or so he says). this is one of the many days where a task that takes ten minutes leads to another. which is why i don’t plan.

sleeping at six in the morning with the fear of missing the deadline is not very pleasant. so, with miss calls from three friends, i wake up after barely five hours of sleep… with a major headache. but of course, after handing in the report,

semester 1 holiday has begun!

first thing’s first.

i finally have the time to go to Vodafone store to trade my n97 mini for a brand new one. the phone seems to be malfunctioning a little; maybe it’s just phycological, but i can’t seem to ever forget seeing the salesperson drop the phone box right in front of my eyes. and ever since the phone just doesn’t feel quite right. and now the new phone does. πŸ™‚


we spend time in m&sΒ  when chia khuan buys back some biscuits for friends and family. when i get back i’m going to spoil them with Thorntons chocolates. well, that’s the plan. i know one person who’s expecting chocolates when i return.

credits to


and we go to the christmas market. this is my second and last time going. i buy some christmas cookies and tarts from a store where the lady keeps coaxing us to buy in a very friendly manner. and another dutch almond cake.


it is almost five when we return. andΒ since it’s the holiday and some friends are leaving for malaysia, it is time for potluck! this time at my flat,Β  since we have the most utensils here. not all mine of course.

let’s cut to the chase: food!

by sis

potatoes with mushroom and minced meat

by caroline


long bean with pork

by chia khuan


cheese broccoli and cauliflower

by careena

pork with egg and onions

by han hui

vegetable with minced meat

by jake

meat Β (what’s it call again?)

by matthew

lemon chicken

by jake….again


by lionel

if you’re wondering what i cook…. it’s RICE! okay i am just too lazy and besides, i’m mentally exhausted, like looh zhen and ying who decide to skip the potluck at the last minute. haha! besides i supply all the utensils… well, supposedly. πŸ˜€

and after dinner, we talk. well while the rest of the group talks, chia khuan and i are left in our own world.. i’m not very good in talking in groups, i do realise that. lol.Β something to note about tonight is that there is no drinking games involved. who says we can’t socialise without alcohol?



[update: moved from since we’ve no place to go post]

snow’s thickening and i’m loving it. apart from the occasional slippery pavements of course. every place seems beautiful, even those you have been to. even those you overlook for the past months.

welcome to white manchester πŸ™‚


earlier this week we have a new addition to our dinner group, and by the end of it we’re left with two. chia khuan and lionel have left leaving sis and i eating all alone…. which leaves me with no obligation to eat dinner… which sis is going to have to eat alone.. which means i’m going to get a lot of “you-should-eat” lectures instead of “you-should-eat-MORE” lectures.

the previous day, we bake some shortbread cookies. actually we just mould them into different shapes, including hearts, cupcakes, love, quaver, key, violin, christmas tree and star!

that very night, lionel seem suspiciously busy to have time to talk to us before leaving on a early morning flight. he even leaves us a whole plate of spaghetti. just imagine three girls finishing up a four portion meal. haha!

lionel’s been a very good cook. his passion for experimenting benefits us with occasional new dishes. and they are gooooood. πŸ™‚

are you hungry yet?

poor lionel’s flight is delay for close to three hours due to the storm. enjoy the bloody hot weather in singapore!


that very night, chia khuan leaves for malaysia. she’s so white

her bag is enormous. so heavy that three of us (including caro and i) have to take turn pulling the bag. it is as though she keep gold bars inside. can you imagine having to pull that bag for five minutes IN THE SNOW. snow increases the frictional coefficient (waaa.. i still remember this! miss winnie ought to looooove me more)

the train’s on time. i want to board the train tooooo!!!!!! and get stranded in manchester airport with no boarding ticket back home? ahh.. 😦

bye chia khuan!!! enjoy… mee kolok? πŸ˜€


some snow pictures:

have you left your footprints?

One thought on “Year 1 Sem 1 Holidays

  1. sis says:

    -> the what-it’s-called-pork is cooked by jake
    -> the lemon chicken is by matthew
    -> you didn’t give credits to lionel for the tiramisu

    Despite that……I still love your last 2 sentences! πŸ˜€

    Reply: hahaha! i’d change that soon. never mind also kan??? πŸ˜›

    thank you!

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