let’s start from the beginning.

this is one of the very few times that i am actually in time instead of late. (and i even get to wait at the reception for sis- haha!). the two of us reach picadilly station around 2.50pm and in less than five minutes, we’re off to london!

we get to sit in coach A, the quiet zone! there are people working while we sit trying not to talk too loudly. there is this lady sitting across the aisle, dressed professionally with notepads and all… is that what we will all be in 5 years? or is that what we are expected to be?


in the end we stop talking and take pictures.. it’s not easy to get excellent pictures on a moving train but i’ll show you some good pictures.

look closer: there are people playing in the snow! πŸ˜€

some other pictures:


day 1 – 22 Dec 2009

when we reach london, we are greeted warmly by yee ching……. after having to wait for around five to ten minutes! our very first dinner is at her place ; steam chicken with spaghetti!

spaghetti before frying

get a peep at their kitchen!Β  don’t be fooled by the cleanliness. a cleaner comes almost everyday to tidy their kitchen! how lucky eh? nevertheless i like my kitchen better. πŸ™‚

the day’s almost over. it’s a slow night; we spend our time cleaning and then doing our own things… and wondering how on earth did yee ching’s phone end up in the bin. :p (if i post a picture of yee ching’s room here, she’s going to kill me for sure .and she can actually do that when she comes to manchester :P)

i didn’t get a sleep until about 3 in the morning. probably i’m not used to sleeping in other people’s room. you know what? it’s my first time not sleeping in my own bed since coming to manchester! it’s fortunate that my nokia n97 mini keeps me company throughout the night.Β HAHA! facebook is indeed a wonderful place for killing time!


day 2 – 23 dec 2009

i wake up and it’s a beautiful morning. the view outside the room is great too…

tour around the city.

adorable isn’t it? πŸ™‚

christmas market

meet with doreen!Β  had our lunch at a chinese stall . 4 pounds divided by 3 person. it’s such a small share for rm20+. oh no why am i still converting currencies for food.

other tour pictures:


Westminster Abbey


Big Ben


London’s Eye

London’s Church?

we go back early because i sat on a red stain. 😦 i wash my jeans immediately after returning to ching’s place while caro and ann shien cook. oh don’t worry i wash . i’m not a slacker πŸ˜›

sleep early at around nine or ten. apparently, it’s a big mistake; i wake up at 3.40 am, trying to find bottle in the dark and have no choice but to drink tap water. cant bath because my fresh clothes is under the bed. so i go .. on facebook again!


tomorrow’s christmas eve and there’s lots of shopping to do πŸ™‚ i’m excited. aren’t you?


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