Christmas: Before, During and After

the day continues..

in london!

lots of pictures ahead~!


day 3 – christmas eve

we move to a new room today!Β  it is shared by two person, one of which is chris. the room is horribly messy when we arrive. after all, what can we expect from a boys room. and worse there’s this picture of a half naked woman sticking on the door, right opposite a bed! how do they sleep at night??

i clean while the rest continue packing (just imagine the loads of stuff we bring to this place!) it’s not really clean-clean, just messy things put in order, floor vacuumed, duvets folded, and table cleaned. the best part about this room is it’s so large and there’s only two keys needed.. unlike weston hall where we have five keys, excluding the metal detector to enter the hall.

the curtain is… well, i wont tell you who spoil them but i’d tell you who fix them !


by evening, we (yee ching, linda, caro and i) go to

Winter Wonderland!


the food we eat! it costs 4.50 pounds *pocket screaming*


what’s christmas without christmas tree!!

some pictures we took!

in front of frosty the snowman!


we went to eat KOREAN FOOD later. the food is a little spicy for my taste. a round of applause to yee ching who avoids spicy food and yet eat a whole lot!

pork! oink oink~

rice cake

beef with egg?

spicy seafood

the waiter spilled some sauce on my shirt when he is cleaning up! if i were wearing my white coat, which i did not, i’d scream at him. how can an apology be compared to a rm300 jacket right? but thank goodness i’m not, so just let it be, though i do show my angry face there. LET THEM KNOW.

went sainsbury after that to stock up for christmas.Β no idea how we spend the rest of our night, but it’s good nevertheless.



day 4 – Merry Christmas!

since all shops are closed, and there is no public transportation, we went touring around london once again, on foot. it’s pretty much the same route.

ann shien, samantha, shu wei, caro and i go together πŸ™‚ and we all snap away!!

where the minister lives? i forgot who but it’s someone important i’m sure.

not much pictures to take. we went into westminster abbey (a church) to listen to .. hymm? sermon? i just went in cause my hands were freezing and i am very tired. fell asleep halfway only to be awoken by the sound of my phone ringing.

let’s skip to … christmas dinner!

there are so many of us, so many different dishes. not all captured though. food’s delicious, and most of all we enjoyed each other’s company, though we just met.

*some dishes not displayed*

we have potatoes, pork chop, mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, spaghetti, sausages rolls, onions with eggs etc… it’s so delicious and filling. at the very end, caro and samantha is competing to see who can eat the most! Β if i haven’t recall properly

there is this funny fuss about returning a tray a guy name andy. the two cousins decide to return the tray together only to discover that he’s not in the other kitchen. it’s good too or they would have burst out laughing and make a fool out of themselves (their words, not mine :p)


somehow i’m never able to remember what we do at night. either i am getting older each day or it’s simply insignificant. i doubt it’s either. Β  but it’s a good night nevertheless



day 5 – BOXING DAY

after wandering for ages, i bought boots! 2 pairs yipee!!!


we split up and i manage to take a bus from oxford street to tottenham court road ALONE. for a person who get lost in her own hometown, i’d say it’s a wonder. though i still get lost when i’m in tottenham court road. HAHAHA!!Β treat myself a starbucks for finding my way. :p


after all, what’s christmas without spoiling oneself?

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