Happy Boofle-day!

caro and i came back from london on the 27th. time flies faster than expected. wasted a whole day doing pretty much nothing. well, apart from unpacking, doing budget, tidying my room, doing laundry, and of course, blogging…. well that’s pretty much it .

what’s special today?


belinda and yee ching surprise caro by coming to manchester as planned (instead of being delayed haha!). after being awoken by  a phone call, i go to Piccaldilly station to guide the two back. we later go to buy grocery and …a birthday cake!

a cake? yeah, it’s… Caro BIRTHDAY’s’s today!


our presentS!!

it’s little boofle wearing a bracelet around its neck. isn’t it cute??

we surprise her by me going into the room and linda and yee ching came in soon after. well, not exactly how it happen, but almost.  caro reaction? haha~ is she close to tears??  instead she is half furious half laughing ~


the funny part is belinda comes in, trips over the box of new £25 boots and falls flat on her face. look at the picture below! classic! HAHAHAH~!

HAHA~! just imagine after being depressed for the whole morning, she’s delighted… and a little touched perhaps?


let’s have a look at the birthday cake! (and if you’re reading this caro, it’s not the 1 pound cake from tesco!!)  belinda decorated it with milk buttons and smarties ! pretty! that thing in the middle that looks like a mess is actually a smiley face hahaha~

make a wish~ (SO CUTE!)


blow out the candle eat the milk button..


and cut the cake..

or in this case.. stab the cake 😛


have a blast !

p.s hope you enjoy Supernatural, Medium and Another Cinderella Story! 😀 surprised you didn’t fell asleep throughout  ♥


One thought on “Happy Boofle-day!

  1. sis says:

    aww thanks for everything! i just love holding a knife the menacing way XD hahaa..i feel like eating the cake now :S and hey, i just realized it’s a smiley face in the middle HAHA! and that the mouth is all purple…

    P/S: It’s PICCADILLY sis 🙂

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