Starting 2010 with a bang

it’s a lovely way to start the new year, don’t you think?

as we tip our head up and watch the beauty unravels in front of our eyes,

we pause to think about the people we love and care,

appreciate people we come with,

and to remember those who can’t be here with us anymore.


a short video on the best part of the fireworks 😀


i start the year pretty much the same as last year, except this year, the we kind of bake fail muffins. but it’s still edible, i guess.


then in the afternoon, we have a £10.00 buffet at the Oriental Buffet. these are the dishes i have 😀

and sis’ ice cream with fruits


that night we send belinda off back to newcastle. it’s a little sad to separate on a new year. but all the same, let’s chin up and smile! there’s a lot of surprises to come, i’m sure.


how do you celebrate your new year?



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