The Silent Truth

as the new year approaches, we reflects on the past year, think about how little we’ve accomplished and how much more we could have done. and that’s when we make the long list of new year resolutions.  for a change, a fresh start. and hopefully, for the better.

my new year resolution has never change ever since three years ago. to have faith. in myself, in friends, in acquaintances, and in love. it seems superficially easy, but is it really? are we capable of complete trust towards another being, if not ourselves?

it doesn’t really matter, does it?

the sky may be blue, the grass may be green, but at the end of the day, selfish as it seems, we just need to remember to look out for ourselves. and people we care about most.


2 thoughts on “The Silent Truth

  1. kyu says:

    y so emo?what happen to u??ok ker?

    Reply: no emo leh. just bored write something i keep reminding myself ahha!

    how come gt a protected post de??can i know the password??long time don’t view ur blog…suddenly popped out so many thing…

    Reply: wat protected post?

    another post in her own world de come gt protected post de…what thing u wan to remind urself?hahha..i am working now le..curi ular so datang visit ur blog

    Reply: hahaha. i’d tell you more when streamyx actually gives us a chance to communicate. your side there laoya eh. my parents can skype with me and online hahaha. . dun always work must remember me also. 😀

  2. kyu says:

    lol..hahaha…can meh??ur house area is more or less the same wit my area ho…eh,i find out a thing about ur house de,,,tat celaka pizza hut just send pizza to pujut 5 nia…pujut 7 just few more step nia..they also dun wan send wheregt alway work..beside work also gt rmb u de ho..if not wont visit ur blog when i working..see me so miss u…thinking u wake up liao ma?makan liao ma?da pian liao ma??yawming liao ma?…tomoro aku will online…

    Reply: omg i just notice this. hahaha. you tell the pizza hut guy you live in pujut 5 lah. then you wait at my house there go get. HAHAHHAA.

    waaaa u so miss me. i also miss u leh. this few days dunno why you drop off the face of the earth macam de .

    online!! got things to tell u. dun wan tell through here or facebook. so weird chat in fb. haha

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