Before the tormenting semester 2 begins, Lionel, Chia Khuan, Caro and i go on a trip to Lancaster! and Arnside too!

We reached Lancaster and stayed at the Old Station House: Bed&Breakfast. The house is decorated with many bears and plush toys – so comfy. Our room has plenty of cushions – even two in the bathroom!

After putting our things in our room, we took a train to Arnside. ARNSIDE! The view is breathtaking, and it has been so long since I see the SEA! or .. supposedly the seaside? It’s not actually the sea.

it’s lovely to touch the sea water, well, supposedly.

I’m not sure why it’s not call a sea when there’s clearly a beach.

Then, we walked in the woods,

got lost,

got directions from strangers,

and took many lovely pictures.

the sunset is beautiful.

no picture we take can match up to the view we’ve seen.

but it is FREEZING ; by the end of the day, we’re shivering in the train station. Oh! We meet this Indonesion (or is it Philippino?) and have a lovely chat. Lionel and Caro are chattering away with that lady while CK and I are quietly shivering away…


The next day, we have breakfast downstairs. lovely room.

A nice English breakfast with *urghh* TOO MANY baked beans.

We go to the Lancaster Castle,

which is around two minutes walk from the old station house.

Sadly, no pictures are allowed inside. we learn a lot about the history and stories… although some are quite morbid. Did you know that people who gossip back then might actually get their tongue sliced.. literally? Or that people who lie actually have a marking of their palm – a M that means evil. And we learn about the phrases like “kick the bucket” and all. oh, too much information, moving on….


We also entered the St. Mary Church.

The floor are covered with coffins… tombstones?

There are some interesting things in the church, such as …

the carvings that dated back to 140. According to the person on duty, it’s something about the King Henry the Eight that watned the wealth of the church and also to divorce his wife. end up he has around six, i think.


And a lovely crown that dated back to 1619.

Don’t know much story about that one.

We past the Town Hall

and i get to sit on the SWING!!

some other pictures:


that very night we play ghosting effect in photography.

actually Lionel is the brains behind it while caro and i just posed around.

we walk around endlessly for dinner and end up eating Subway.

Either it’s too delicious, or we’re simply too hungry.

♥ *~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ♥

a lovely way to enjoy the days before the torture begins… tomorrow 😦


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