Cookies, oh cookies :)

Semester 2 begins.

and as though life can be controlled by a remote control, everything resumes to normal. lectures begin and become drastically challenging. New teachers are introduced; some old, some young – all filled with abundance of knowledge andΒ  hope for us to strive. this semester, just like the previous, we have four units. same units, more in depth.

february, for most people, is the month of love. but for us malaysians, who spends our first new year away from home, february is the month of celebration –Β  the chinese new year. we are going to have our own chinese new year eve reunion. it doesn’t feel the same, it never does, but it’s the closest thing to home.


and what’s chinese new year without new year cookies?

we’ve been making cookies for three days now, and if it weren’t for lionel who mentions it, i never realised. anyway, we’re some sort new to this, so we just make do with whatever we can. but that never stop us from doing silly things, like forgetting to put sugar in the cookie dough . πŸ˜€

we hardly have any great expectations, so the cookies turn out better than we believe it could be.

Let me show you our cookies:


Cornflake Cookies & Sugar Coated Coffee Cookies.

No preparation pictures are taken here. 😦



Almond Cookies

These cookies are not supposed to be coated by icing sugar, but some genius misses a line in the instruction page and forgets to add a cup of sugar in the mixture.Β I wonder who that is. Oh, right. It’s me. What we do to make up for the missing sweetness taste of the cookies is to just coat it with icing sugar; hence the sugary white layer.


These are the ingredients – a cup of sugar missing (above) before making it. and yes, we use the whole chunk of butter. in fact, we use almost 1.5kg of butter to make all the cookies, which is quite a lot when you sum it up.


and this is how the cookies look like before entering the oven…

how cute they look, don’t they?



Sugar Coated Chocolate Cookies

This is the first batch of cookies that i do not use any instructions. It’s pretty much the same dough – butter + flour + sugar – with the addition of cocoa powder, which is a little bitter (hence, the icing sugar again – gosh) The cherries on top are as decoration, so it doesn’t look like Β a pile of you-know-what


and this is the best part



it’s actually called kuih makmur, but momo cookies sound so much cuter. apparently it is more famous in the East Malaysia than in the West – they have never heard of it till then. Amazing how different we can be just by living across the South China Sea.


shape of momo cookies – round!


and this (below) is how it looks like before the icing sugar is coated (and this time, the instructions actually tells us to, and not because i forget to add the sugar πŸ™‚ )



Green Pea Cookies

i have no idea how it tastes like, but according to the others,

it’s hard and hardly any green pea smell.

but tell me this, Β would you eat it, if you see the dough?

to be honest, it’s the peas that scares me. PEAS.


well, these are the some pictures from Wednesday’s cookie-making process.. not all here, but ah well, better some than none.



i’m excited!!

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