Chinese New Year Eve

Since it is our first year away from home (for most people), we decide to make close to something we will never forget. I don’t know about the rest of people who are there, for a brief moment or for the whole night, but it is pretty special to me… : )

we never really understand the tedious preparation for the reunion dinner until we actually take part in it. since we’re all students and living under tight budget, we decide to make it potluck style; that way we have a large variety of food 😀

the malaysian (and singaporean) chinese new year specialty : 鱼生 (yu sheng). i don’t really know the exact ingredients, but there are salmon, carrots, onions, tortila chips, peanuts, and some other raw food with plum sauce


other food?

we have fried rice, honey chicken, dong fen, mixed vegetable, ma po tou fu, cha shao, spring rolls.. .well i can’t name all. all delicious, all homemade. new year spirits!

initially, they are only : fang, parva, micheal, wen qian, careena, sarah, matthew, seng tuck, the five of us (jake, lionel, chia khuan, sis, and i), and vanda – lionel’s sis

even though the dinner starts at seven, i arrive almost twenty minutes late (typical malaysian hehehe)…. and gosh there is an awkward silence. …


we start with lao yu sheng.. which is basically using chopsticks (but we use forks, lol!) to mess up what chef lionel spends at least three hours preparing.


after that, we start eating. we make it buffet style so the food is within reach for everyone!


some people keep snapping pictures away, but we only take a few. and this is my favourite! and you see, we’re all in RED!


more people flood in later, including pei hau, tian ji, wai lum, han bing, yee fung, wai lum, ee lin, yit lin, seira… and some friends of friends we never meet.



we have card games. there are Hearts, Bridge, and a new one – which i have no idea what the name is – but it is so enjoyable; we get to know people around the table.

it goes like this. a person deals the card (by giving each person around the table a card continuously). if you get a card that is same like another person, you shout the name of the other person! and it gets better, once we know everybody names, we change themes to … fruits, food, animals, colours and all…

the funny thing is, when the clock strikes twelve, we wish each other happy chinese new year for around fifteen seconds and then continue our card game .. .hhahhaa


the gathering finishes around almost two in the morning. it’s chinese new year now. a brand new year which starts of great, and there’s more to come..



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