Chinese New Year 2010

14th February, 2010


The year of the tiger has arrived. A year to be filled with love, courage, hope and understanding.

I celebrate my first chinese new year away from home, in a foreign land, with a couple of friends who cross paths along the way.Β We went to chinatown to see what it has to offer on the most prestigious day in the chinese calendar.. (exaggerate much?). It is certainly a new experience, i must say.

balloon balloon fly away, and make my wish come true…

There is a “Chinese New Year Varieties Show”. I caught the middle part of it, but these are part of it.

First of, these are the emcees. Three people, three languages…. well, two languages and one dialect; chinese, english and cantonese. From the left, the guy is speaking english, followed by the next girl in chinese and the girl on the right, cantonese.


Parts of the show:

Heads up!! My camera is a little confused, and hence the uneven focus 😦 hope you guys enjoy it though.

1. Spinning Discs

There are two girls, each carrying three plates suspended on three different poles on both hands. It seems simple enough but quite interesting to watch how Β they seems to defy gravity.



2. Juggling

oh boy, it’s like a circus in manchester…

it’s just captivating to watch how flawless she can be πŸ™‚


3. Monks

inner energy, innner energy…. which leads us to do unbelievable things.. like breaking iron rods with the skull. TWICE! some thinks it’s “a silly thing to do” (heard that from one of the person in the crowds.)


did you see that?

can you believe it?


4. Strength

this performance was great in the beginning, then it starts to get boring because of the same routine. i’m sure it’s to prove that these guys had the stamina… and to be honest, they seems kinda gay. the way they dressed. oops …


that’s all that i’ve seen.

next up!


i’m sorry, but that’s the best view i could give of the BLUE lion .. and another weird-coloured lion.. an odd combination, but ah well. ..

and finally


and the way they set it just cracks me up. ..Β  why do they dress up as though they are going to set of a bomb -_-

Look closely.

i don’t have a video for this, but… this is one of what i’ve found in youtube.

later that day, we took a short walk in Manchester Arndale; figured we all could use a break from the lectures, homework and worries

… and start fresh.


4 thoughts on “Chinese New Year 2010

  1. stkyul says:

    new layout o??so pucat de..hahahah

    Reply: like my face loh HAHAHAHA. aiyah i dunno which one to change to then i change back again HAHAHA

    hahahhaha..inside gt a lot layout right??change also dont change too so pucat de bah…lol…i think ur face not pucat least can make my bro think of chocolate whn he saw u..ur face look so yummy make ppl feel like wan to bite it…heheh

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