Manchester Games 2010

I was going to write about this the minute I got back from Sudgen, but after much procrastination and many little little things in between, the enthusiasm eventually dies down and after three days, here I am….

Early that morning, Caroline, Chia Khuan and I started to walk to Sugden Sport Centre. It was around fifteen minutes, and when we reached there, there were only a few people, mostly committee members and participants. in fact, we may be one of the earliest volunteers… (yeah right… did you actually fall for that??? :D) the truth is this, we weren’t  that late, but we weren’t early too. or should i put it this way, we’re not punctual, but rather early for Malaysians? and why am I emphasising on this?

Anyway, I was ecstatic to get my free “I Manchester Games” tee, and so was the rest. I eventually exchanged the tee-size from S to M, much to the surprise of the committee i guess. The shirt costs £10, which means we get RM50 free!! Mata duitan, what to do. Oh! I forgot to mention this: we did heavy labour.. by carrying a dozen of mineral waters from Groverner’s Place (which is across the road). It seemed near, but when it’s early in the morning, that six kilos seemed like a hundred kilos…. for me lah.

I’m boring you with the before-scenes, ain’t I?


Let’s get to the beginning!

There weren’t much participants, because of the Sheffield Games and Imperial Night. I wonder what could be so important about the date 27th February that three separate events could clashed in that way. Probably because February is the month of loooooove.. that just doesn’t fit but i like it. Month of love love love 🙂

Below is a very blurry picture of our MSSM president giving an opening speech. I turned of the camera flash so it’s not so distracting, how thoughtful of me eh? Is it just me, or does that picture looks like he is rapping instead of talking nonsense. At least he keep it brief and straight.


I wouldn’t say that the turnout was poor. It was more than I personally expected ; after all, who wants to come to the grey city, where there’s not much to see, not much to do but just stare at the raindrops pooring down. Also, I carried the sign for Northumbria University, which is actually the first time I’ve heard of such a university. How self-absorbed I am, eh?


Caro and I are in charge of squash, which is rather an amusement because we have no idea whatsoever about the point system of squash. I, worse, have never seen a squash court before, apart from those shown in tele of course.


Here are the contestants.

From left: Yusri, KC, Syaz, Chris and Razak.

All apart from Razak is from Manchester. Since I am complete newbie at squash, the players teach us a thing or two about squash. And by the end of the match, even if I have never touch a squash racket before, I know the point system in squash. I’m a slow learner and although it took me me twice as long  as caro did, I find it fairly simple. Not going to bore you by explaining it, if you are really curious, you can check it out yourself. Ask Google!

Some pictures of the squash. I like taking pictures when the player ‘opens the ball’ (in direct translation, oopsie)

as there are only four new players, we get pretty acquainted by the end of the day. chris is a national player of squash, i assumed national as in malaysia-national not uk-national. razak’s a chemical engineer, Masters, i believe. syaz is from penang. and KC … okay i guess we aren’t pretty acquainted.


After the squash game ended, we went to watch while helping out other competitions… like


badminton, the only sport in which malaysia can be proud of… when we reach i guess it is quite late already, which means all players are VERY good at playing badminton.  i play badminton too, if you count dropping the shuttlecock every fifteen seconds as playing… and when yit lin asks me to ‘sign language’ him if the shuttlecock is out of the ‘court’, and i have no idea which line to look at. :X



OUCH. that’s all I can say for the players’ hands. This two teams above are from MAnchester, one Thai Society, and another MSSM. I like the Thai Society’s… cause they are all wearing… PURPLE!




finally, one group photo, we all LOVE malaysian manchester games 😀

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