a visit to Cargill

as mentioned in one of the posts, it is going to be hectic for the next couple of weeks, just right before the Easter Break, so i’m going to make this snappy.

We just came back from a visit to Cargill’s manufacturing site. Cargill is “an international producer and marketer of food, argicultural, financial and industrial products and services” – or as Mike, the refinery manager, calls it  ” the largest global producer that nobody has ever heard of”. Which is quite true. Honestly, if I were to guess what Cargill produces, it would be cars.

We reached the destination in around 15 minutes.

Upon reaching, we’re given visitor pass, which we returned by the end of the day. It’s a pity we didn’t get to keep them, sob sob :'(.

There are only six of us this time,

from the left; Pei Hau, Jerrold, Ying Ying, Looh Zhen, Caro, and me!


This is how the site looks from the outside

No pictures are allowed inside, and even with a camera in hand, i, for once, decided to follow the rules. Mike took us for a tour around the site, and we witnessed the manufacture of flour from wheat. There are some parts that are probably three-story (or more) high with almost see-through mesh flooring, which initially, i imagined that it would give way beneath my feet any moment. I’m being silly, ain’t I ? Descending the stairs is the worst ; you actually have to look DOWN. a long way DOWN…..

After that, we had a presentation from Mike (again) which talks more in depth about the processes. We even had samples to see, feel, and yes, even taste! And he showed the structure of beta-glucose, maltose, maltotriose, which surprisingly, actually made me miss the hard times i had gone through during A2 level to study Biology!

Products of different stages of the manufacturing of flour.


The trip, on the whole, is fantastic, though I couldn’t register much information in such short period of time. Do you know that the annual costs of the whole site is around £120 bil while the net profit is a mere £3 bil? One of the parts – i forgot which – needed 2MW of power just to run it .

Lastly, a group photo! Can’t see us?  Click it to enlarge! btw, Mike is the guy in BLUE.

🙂 do you spot us now? 🙂


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