it’s all about food

the bitterness of the last couple of week’s hectic lifestyle has been coated with sugar, butter, cheese and lots of oil.. literally. i occasionally live by the principle “eat to live” and it seems to change to “live to eat” instead; hence, these!

BEWARE! May  cause excessive production of saliva. wth.

are you ready?


1. Cookies


Photo credit: Sis

it was just last week when we made these cookies, along with momo cookies (which i conveniently forget to take a picture). i remember making these cookies to mark the finishing of my formal lab report.. and we ended up making it till midnight.

the ingredients ? apart from the obvious ingredients, butter and sugar, there are traces of chestnuts in the cookies along with almond powder with a tint of cherry on top to make it look pretty! cookies are easy to make, comparative-wise to cheese cake, which we’ll come to it later.


2. Cheese Cakes

Cheese Cake 1: Cheese Cake

Cheese Cake 2: Chocolate Cheese Cake

After making two failed cheese cakes, i came to a valid conclusion that cheese cake do need butter too.. no idea how much though.  The cheese cake i remember making does not need any butter, apart from the biscuit base. It’s still edible, just creamy..


3. Jelly

Sis says that nothing can go wrong with chocolate… (and the chocolate cheese cake still go wrong.). I beg to differ. Nothing goes wrong with JELLY!  The simplest, easiest, and fastest way to make dessert.


4. Apple Crumble

Sis apple crumble. You don’t see any apples there because it’s underneath all the cornflakes, sugar, and BUTTER!


5. Prosperity Cake

Sis version of fa gao, with half colourings, some with nuts, chocolate chips and sultanas. This picture is taken after the fourth try, not consecutively, of making fa gao. The first time is a huge disaster, but still edible. After sis consistent effort… walah ; the edible proof of never giving up.


6. Malaysian Kuih

After the manchester games, there is a range of local food at Student Union. I was on a vegetarian diet that week, and all I could eat is malay kuihs, and it’s delicious. The kind of food I hardly eat back home, yet it reminds me of home 🙂


7. Dimsum

When Looh Zhen’s friend, Su Yin comes for a visit in the grey city, we (LZ, CK, and I) took her out for a chinese meal at The Pacific. Our lucky day. The manager (i think), who eats with her 大老板娘.. let’s just call her Miss A. She was sitting at the next table while we’re speaking very fluent Manglish and I’m taking pictures of food! The first question  she asked when she came over was “are you malaysians?” It’s easy to spot Malaysian Chinese in a crowd; we speak multiple broken languages, and take pictures of food.

Fried Squid

Deep-Fried Squid with Sweet and Sour Dip, £4.95

Shui Mai – Prawn, Pork and Chinese Mushrooms Dumpling in Egg flour Pastry £3.20

Har Kau - prawns, chopped bamboo shoots in wheat starch pastry 3.20

Har Kau – prawns, chopped bamboo shoots in wheat starch pastry,  £3.20


Dumpling?? My version of dumpling is triangular. this is Bun !

Sin Jok Coon – bean curd sheet roll with pork and chinese mushrom,  £2.80


We had two more dishes, but right now i can’t seem to match the food i ate with the names in the menu, silly me. Miss A, who comes from KL herself,  treated us with belacan and some thai savory rice.  The costs sum up to around £5.40 each. Honestly, When i think of dimsum, i don’t immediately think of the food itself. I think of my brother hamster, Dim Sum. I have no idea why he named the poor hamster that, probably wish he could eat it as breakfast? haha… i have no idea where the hamster is now. haven’t seen it in a while.


8. Fish and Chips

Harry Ramsden’s £4.00 fish and chips at Trafford Centre. My lunch, just yesterday.


9. Korean Food

How we end up in Fallowfield to have dinner (27 March) at a Korean restaurant will be mentioned in the next post.  I don’t think I have ever eaten real korean food, so i don’t really know any of the names of the food we eat. Something like ChiGe and BiBimBap and blah..



whatever weight i’ve lost over the past half year is tearfully replaced with fats from consuming food like those above. but, we live to eat, right?

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