Old Trafford

There are some tourist hotspots we don’t visit even though it may just be a stone throw away. When in Miri, we don’t bother to visit Niah Cave or Mulu Cave. And now, when in Manchester, we don’t bother to enter Old Trafford, until an old friend comes to visit… or in this case, friend of a friend’s. So, when Su Yin from Cardiff came to Manchester to visit Looh Zhen, a group of us decided to go to Old Trafford. The eight of us (Pei Hau, Seng Tuck, Jerrold, Ying Ying, Looh Zhen, Su Yin, Chia Khuan, and I) set of around noon. For some of us who didn’t have the bus pass, we bought the Day Rider that costed £3.50, which we fully utilised 😀

old trafford


Museum & Stadium Tour

L-R: Looh Zhen, Su Yin, Ying Ying, me, Chia Khuan

L-R: Looh Zhen, Su Yin, Ying Ying, me, Chia Khuan

L-R: Pei Hau, Seng Tuck, Jerrold

L-R: Pei Hau, Seng Tuck, Jerrold

As the boys had been to the tour before, they left us to go to Trafford Centre. So we girls decided to explore the stadium with a tour guide. The museum was filled with millions of trophies, badges, t-shirts with famous players, players biographies etc..

Museum Tour

Stadium Tour

in the stadium

in the  players locker

with Anderson Luís de Abreu Oliveira’s shirt

in the stadium …. again

at Home Team seats; take 1

obviously I suck at camwhore..

so we decided to ask another person to take picture for us

at Home Team seats; take 2

The tour lasted almost an hour and ended in a store filled with MU things

e.g. accessories, shirts, t-shirts, bears, pins, sport wears, jackets etc.

in the store

no idea why i look so dark 😥

and final one !

outside the store

you see the two guys at the back? there are friends of the photographer.



We catch up with the guys in Trafford Centre, which we didn’t explore much because it was simply too big. We didn’t see Legoland 😦  Not much to say about walking around doing nothing



Visit to DE and OP

…..which stands for Dalton Ellis in Victoria Park and Owens Park in Fallowfield . You see, since we had the day rider, and the night was still young, we decided to take a quick peep into Pei Hau’s and Jerrold’s room at DE, and Looh Zhen’s place at OP. CK and I reached back Weston before midnight… sounds like Cinderella? Cinderella in modern world; Cinderella with bus pass that expires after midnight.

good night!


2 thoughts on “Old Trafford

  1. caro says:

    i am jill. i trust my sis that she wouldn’t meddle with my wordpress account so i didn’t log out from it on her laptop! 😀

    woahaha u didnt log out! XD u’re in danger hiahiahia..

    u should have take pic wif no.7 or no.10 jersey in old trafford! 😛 but well, poor no.10 is limping now..hahah

    p.s. don worry, i’ll log out after posting this…so kind leh.

    • Jill says:

      hahaha! i know i didn’t log out, but i don’t bother. i can’t believe you will be as wu liao as me though! haha! the good thing about wordpress is that i can edit more than just posts.. i can edit comments too! so .. look again! it’s your name there now!! ha!

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