Jake bakes a cake

someone turns a year older today.

Meet the birthday boy!



The dinner is supposed to start at seven, but as procrastination and late-comers get in the way, we finally started eating the dishes around eight thirty? There are plenty of food as shown below, including (clockwise from top) potato balls, chicken, potatoes, lemon chicken, peppered chicken, duck, beef balls, bean sprouts, bean curd with minced meat, and two mixed vegetables. There are also eggs and donuts and chocolate balls…Β 

Do you want to know what we talk about before dinner? It’s ironically hilarious; we started discussing about the heat capacity of stainless steel, whether it is high or low and how the heat capacity affects the temperature of the rice. If the lecturers expect us to apply our knowledge into our daily lives, they are going to be very pleased with us today.

That’s jake explaining about heat capacity, while pei hau and ee jane were eying on the food.


Dinner went great, and time for the birthday boy to cut the birthday cake….


This was how the cake look like the previous day, when we made it.


And this was how it looked now.

The peaches and cherries sinked into the jam, sob 😦



our card for the birthday boy

with all the signatures inside!


and after dinner, and all the cakes (we had three of them!) was…

the cards-and-drinking game.

it’s interesting, maybe?

and finally…

group photo!

without Yit Lin, as he is the photographer..

i know i probably dress the worst, that’s because the party is held in the same hall and i just don’t bother dressing up >.< and my hair looked really brown in the flash. i doubt anyone would believe if i said i’ve never dye my hair before… haha!


P.s. the title is quoted from someone from the party (can’t remember whom, but it sure rhymes)

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