My first and last trip during Easter Break is to Blackpool with caro, jake, chia khuan, ying ying, pollux, and yee ching.

Let the pictures tell you the story.

Blackpool is somewhat a theme city; there are arcades and amusement parks almost everywhere. There are lots of ways to tempt us to lose our money, if you’re willing to spend.

Amusing enough, the city does offer some interesting views, such as carriages… and cinderella carriage! You don’t see such means of transportation in Manchester, or any other cities.

We waited for noon to eat fish and chips at Pablo’s, and different £2.99 foods at O’ Neils. We had ice creams too. 😀

Some scenery pictures :

…and some group shots + random shots. they say actions speak louder than words. i agree. if you look closely enough, you might just understand what i mean.

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