Cut a cake, blow the candles, and make a wish. It’s simple isn’t it?

For me, birthdays is much more than just that. It is a joyous moment to celebrate the change in ourselves, hopefully much wiser and more understanding, and most of all, to have the ability to step up and be a better person than you were before. It’s not about hoping for dreams  to come true, but for knowing how to make  them  come true.


Today is one of the days I truly feel the warmth of friendship , and for that I am truly grateful for it. 😉

Although there are million of hints for me to expect this, oddly enough, I never do realise what I can only described as a carefully planned event.


Hint 1:

I got this in the mailbox the previous day.  And it reads …

Birthday lunch . BIRTHDAY lunch. which translates as lunch with cake!  Why didn’t I thought of that?


Hint 2:

Jake and Matthew, who both live in Weston Hall as well, are waiting at Taiwu Restaurant’s entrance earlier than we are. It is weird because

1.   They live in the same flat, why would they go without us?

2.   Matthew is early *gasp*  (no offence matthew haha!)

……… well… they are early!!

As odd as it is, I never thought of asking why. I just presume they went somewhere else first, like grocery shopping?

When most of us finally came, we entered the buffet area together and start filling our very empty stomaches with heavily-spiced food. Why do we girls eat more than boys, we will never understand? Aren’t boys supposed to be eating three four plates full of meat and food while girls, will, eat as little as we can?


Hint 3:

This has got to be the  most obvious hint. The happy birthday song.

The first thought running through my mind was  “such coincidence! someone’s having birthday lunch today as well!”  It was until the cake was brought in front of me when i realised… that the song and the cake were all for me!  I know I’m slow, but i too find it hard to believe I am thaaaat sloow. I would never thought of people remembering my birthday, let alone celebrating it with me. *tears*

It all happened so fast. All of a sudden, I was blowing the cake, cutting it and eating it. The cake was made by sis, chia khuan, looh zhen and ying 🙂 so sweet.

I am  officially………… one year old!

That’s an awfully large knife to cut such a small cake


group photo!

boys are scared of me apparently. nobody wants to sit next to me. sob 😦

at least people sit next to me this time round!!


Clockwise from top: Jake, Wai Lum, Matthew, Pei Hau, Careena, Looh Zhen, Ying, Seng Tuck, Chia Khuan, me, Sis

I made a wish I’ve never thought I would make. One for myself, and one for the rest of my family. To be honest I’m a little afraid to  make wishes, because I fear that I may actually get what I want. To get what I want, I will have to give up a part of me that I’m not sure I’m willing to.

Anyway, my present?

a mug!


scribble of words that means plenty to me!  😉

me to you bear!

I don’t think my friends will ever have problem looking for a gift for me in the near future. Just two key phrases: purple and Me to You! I do appreciate them going through all the trouble to make today the most pleasant day !

Thank you very much !!  ❤


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