the end of year 1

It’s been a while since I last posted an entry; almost an entire two weeks! I’m pretty relieved that the examinations are over. The last paper was on the 9th of June;  and we were, apparently, one of the last courses to finish. Poor us! nah, not really.

Pre- & during examination period:

Caroline, Ying and Looh Zhen cramming in caroline’ room.. while I’m resting on the bed.

We went to the Main Library, which is around 20 minutes by foot, only to know the Study Room we’ve so tediously booked has been occupied (just because we were late!) . There were so many books in the library! Way to state the obvious….. i know. 🙂

This is a picture of one of the examination halls. It is in Sackville Street, Level K. And we climbed nine flights of stairs, no thanks to the very slow lift… amazing how we can do it. If you look closely, it is a basketball court. We even have our examinations in a Sudgen Sport Centre.. a sport centre.

… and before we know it. Year 1 has ended.

Post-examination period:

There’s a BBQ near Weston Hall, but we went just ten minutes before they cleared up. Of course nothing much was left.. As you can see, the tables are nearly empty except for coleslaws and salads.

This doesn’t really classify under the subtitle above, but I baked a cheese cake somewhere during examination period. It’s cheese cake with raspberry topping and a cherry in the middle.  It looks more delicious than it seems; after all, it is cheese cake!

To celebrate the end of the examination, we went to Wasabi at Printworks, which is just next to Man. Arndale. The dish I ordered is the Chef Special something something; there are prawns, mussels, crab sticks, eggs, and pork .. It is special, i guess 😉

I went to return all the library books too. The last time I saw the shelves that packed with returned books is after the Semester 1 examinations… Ah well.

The most important thing to do after examination is no other than… packing!! We’d get to that in the next post. 😀

Stay tuned.


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