Goodbye Manchester

As I am writing this post, my room is as empty as the first time i entered it, except for two luggage and a pair of sport shoes by the door. It seemed like yesterday when I just moved in, the empty room greeted me with drawing pins (thumb tacks) arranged in a smiley face shaped on the notice board. The empty wardrobe is soon filled with clothing and winter-wears. Walls are decorated with posters, greeting cards and MeToYou stickers. And what was once an empty room filled with life.

my room (early June)

my room after clearing up

When the exam ended on 9th June, we started packing all our belongings into boxes for summer storage. I used more boxes than I initially thought I would. It is indeed surprising to know that I could fit so many things into such a tiny room.

Two days later, the vault we booked arrived. It was twice the size we estimated, and even sharing with four other friends, the vault is barely half full. Note to self, share with more people the following year!

With few days left to spare before departing from the UK, we shop! Time to splash ourselves with some new clothing and for family and relatives, gifts! I bought myself three shirts from Primark, the cheapest source of clothes, chocolates and bears for others (merc, did you hear bears??)

Also, I cleaned the kitchen and common room – took five hours to clear the fridges, wipe the microwave, clean two hobs, mop the floor and vacuum the carpet. There are still lots to be done; clean the remaining six hobs, take the glass bottles out, clear the boxes etc., though the common room is considered sparkling clean by contrast with the usual, especially the microwave!! Before I cleaned it, it was as though there was an explosion.

the kitchen

the common room

It’s time to leave. I never thought I would feel a little nostalgic leaving the place I now call a second home.

Goodbye Manchester. See you in September.


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