Home Sweeeeeet Home

Guess who is back? Me, that’s who! 😀

It’s good to be back home, even though the internet line is simply crappy – i’m sure everyone would be complaining about this.

This is me, at Manchester Airport, all packed and ready to go home! Luggage weight adds up to around 30 kilos. Caroline and I checked in at least three hours early; I don’t know why I’m especially paranoid when I am traveling; the luggage may go missing, the plane may fly early etc.etc. How nice if I would be that punctual other times, you know, like for lectures? 😛

Even with a mini television to keep us entertained, both 7-hour flight with three hours transit in between felt like forever. To prevent jet-lag, I forced myself to stay awake as long as possible during the both 7-hours flight – watched The Spy Next Door, The Lovely Bones, Hannah Montana the Movie, listened to UK Top List several times, and played Hangman and Scrambler 😛  – but eventually I dozed off, a couple of times.

On the flight from Dubai to Manchester, there was this air stewardess, I’m pretty sure she’s Malaysian, you know why? Instead of saying Kuala Lumpur in full, she said KL. Now who else could know this besides Malaysiaaaan. The food are great, especially the banana. oh i love the banana, so sweet smelling and rich compared to the normal bananas i’ve eaten my entire life.

We’re going off to Brunei tomorrow. We as in my parents, my cute cousin Karen, my grandmother, and my aunt Joyce, and hopefully my little cousin evan…. and me! I hope Merciana will be as pleased to see us as we will be when we see her and the rest of the family! 😀 hehe!

I’m barely back home for 24 hours and poof i’m off to another place.I will be back in a couple of days, and if the internet is as smooth as I hope it would be, a post will be coming up soon.

till then……………..

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