Crooked Melody

My forth lesson today.

I know I am terrible at violin, but I never imagined I could be worse. Simply horrible today. I feel so crestfallen at my uncooperative fingers and the my inability to hold a tune for more than a couple of notes. Looking at the music sheet, I can immediately read the notes, for example, C A E G, but my fingers just simply read it as D B F A. If you’re music-literate you would probably understand what I am trying to say.

On the first lesson, the teacher asks if I know how to play the piano. It’s basically a rhetorical question because I’ve stated in my application that I do. Then he asks about the grade. Grade 8, I tell him. I think it is at that very point he starts assuming that a person with that qualification should be very fluent in music language. But what he doesn’t know is the last time I had a decent piano lesson is four years ago.

If he would have known, I hightly doubt he would be pushy.  It is not about what he say, but rather the tone he use, the light accusation beaneath the words “don’t you know how to read the notes”.  And when even he could not stand the noise the violin produces, he changes the song for me to what he call a simpler song but what in my own words, I would call them song with real melody.

You know, under normal circumstances, I would be telling myself I’ll never be good enough in music. I never keep up to tempo, stumble on various notes, unable to stretch my fingers from a low C to a high E etc. The only thing that I qualify is the ability to read the notes, which is what almost everyone can do nowadays… But it’s the holidays now and I am open to new things. New perspective.

I never quite understand the reason I sweat profusely when I enter the violin room, even though I am practically standing under the air conditioner. Sigh, I blame it on the nine months in Manchester when I could not even break a sweat even walking with few kilos of grocceries in hand for a looooonnng period of time. Or probably it’s just stale air.

Anyway, I decide to google the violin teacher’s name. Not entirely out of the blue, I do stalk people occasionally; Facebook. Google. Blogspot. All wonderful tools to know about a person. Amazing how you could learn about a person you barely know just by a few clicks; you get the full name, phone numbers, date of birth, specialisation, places they have been and even photographs of their spouses and relatives. The reason I’m being so vague is fairly simple; I’m a quiet stalker. HAHA! jk


P.S. Should whoever who knows who I am talking about kindly not repeat what I write to the person. 😀


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