There is a reason i write blogs and not diaries.

Diaries are way to personal; too much raw emotions involved. When I read back what I wrote, I am remind of the truth behind things. Blogs, on the other hand, allow me to spin certain reality in ways. Facts are facts, but it’s the way you see and write it that makes all the difference.

Things been spinning lately. Nothing much I would want to go into details with. I went to the Land of Cats just a couple of days ago. Kuching looks pretty much the same like how I remember it, rustic with a little historic blend within the city.

For frequent flyers, you know the first few minutes where the air steward/stewardess familiarise us with the emergency procedure. What I don’t understand is why would they talk about it in Malay? Yeah its the national language and all but lalala~ *freedom of speech denied!*


So here I am, once again, trying to put thoughts into words; fail again. And is completely deviated from what I intend to write. You know, the odd thing about my life is that, when I am at my lowest, there is always a new low that others face that makes me realise that what I’ve gone through isn’t so bad after all. It’s like if I sprained my ankle (not that I did btw), within a couple of days, there would be someone telling me that they have fractured both legs. I guess it is a way to tell me to stay positive, even though the way I convey my feelings isn’t exactly the same.

And someday, I will find a way to speak what I truly feel.


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