Thanks, Bro!

This post goes out to my awesome brother, who gave me his very own camera! DSC-T70. Curious about it? Click me.

It’s been two months since I last used a camera. And holding it again, I just want to… be able to take macro shots. It may not take as good pictures as a DSLR would, but it is certainly sleeker, more handy, and more stylish!

Here are a few pictures I kind of like.

My brother’s plant. I have no idea what it is called, but most of the stem have dried off and we end up plucking it, leaving just one stem standing. Don’t it look so fragile like it’s going to break any moment?

Next up. Not a single idea what the English name for this plant is, but in chinese, it is 七里香 (Qī Lǐ Xiāng). That’s what my mum told me anyway. Finally, the plant blooms, bit by bit. It fascinates me enough to take pictures of it.

Just a grass. No idea why I get so fascinated by this too .

There’s more that I want to shoot, but just when my excitement blossoms, my camera’s battery…. died on me. So I’m still a little rusty on taking pictures, don’t scoff at these pictures if you don’t like ’em 🙂

P.S. Pictures are never photo-shopped. That application wastes time anyway.

2 thoughts on “Thanks, Bro!

  1. calvin says:

    Photoshop waste time?? lolx…u haven see hw its amazing ways~ haha!! after u saw it u will love it…for sure~

    Reply: photoshop waste time because I have no idea how to use 😛 HAHAHA. You should teach me sometime. I take picture sudah tak ada skill, still want learn photoshop meh?

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