the replacement: Pt 3 of 4

August has finally come to an end.  I went to school, and collect my first pay check.  Finally, after 19 years, I have my first one-month working experience, along with some money as incentive. I now live in a realistic world, no money, no talk.

This is the first class I enter. Introducing, May 2010 intake class.

l-r: Chun Hong, Christopher, Bonnie, Hui Thing, Eda, Beatric, Lily, Pei Lee, Felix, Hani, Adeline, Joanna, Jasmine, Yolanda, Athirah, Lee Ching, Chia Ching.

I’m choosing this picture, even though I may be the most ridiculous looking person in the entire photograph, because this is the only picture with everybody’s face VISIBLE.   and everyone else looks so perfect. Everyone but me.

By the end of the four weeks, this class will probably be the one that remember me best, because of the sweets I so generously provide them with. It starts when Lily eyes on the Kopiko sweet on my table at the final week, and I have been bribing them with sweets ever since. You might think it’s silly, but surprisingly, sweets do make them do what I tell them to. Kids.

The girls:

l-r: Hui Thing, Lily, Beatric, Eda, Pei Lee, Chia Ching, me, Hani, Jasmine, Lee Ching, Athirah, Yolanda, Joanna, Adeline

Look at Joanna’s eyes (with white Elmo tee), so tiny you barely see them. And look at Chia Ching (dark blue tee) standing so straight. LOL. Lee Ching (blue tee with jeans) and Hani (my left) modelling.

Let me tell you a little about the girls. I’d start with the left side first lol. Jangan kata saya pilih kasih ya. 🙂

Hui Thing. She is almost an exact replica of her older sister, Hui Jin, who has grown more mature compared to the last time I’ve seen her. Looks like her sister except that her hair is a little brown, and acts like her too.  Well, acts like how HJ used to act when she was in form 4. What’s different is this: I find it amazing when she looks at you for a second, feeling a little confused, a little embarrased, and  the next second, she looks like she couldn’t care less. Not in a bad way.

Lily, sitting right across the teacher’s table, the camera-shy one.  Do you see her hiding behind the Beatric? Don’t believe she’s camera-shy? Look at the next picture! She’s willing to piak herself, or she just want to act cute. Does that action remind you of the kind of trick your classmate used to play  – if your palm is bigger than your face, you will get cancer joke?

Beatric, the archer. Archer-ist knows archer-ist, and it is no surprise she knows Judy Yong well. Beatric, solemn and quiet, is most mature among all the girls. She seems to not get in the loop of silly acts like the rest of them do. When I was getting the camera ready for timer-shot (hence the terrible photograph below), she just stands there and watch patiently while the rest… LOL.

Eda is tall! That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I look at her – even when she is sitting down. Beautiful eyes, a little mysterious though. *feels like posting herliang moi picture up, but later she comes after me with a knife*  She takes up Biology in the last week of August. Quiet and attentive, but she knows when to speak out, especially when she feels that she’s being attacked. 🙂

Pei Lee. She blushes in an odd way when Hui Thing and Bonnie jokingly call her Selina. Her reaction to the name is what makes them both call her Selina, just to watch her act alarmed and slightly bothered. In a nice way. I should know, I do that to her too. Lovely curls.

Moving on.

Chia Ching anak Marudi. With an interest in photography, she seems to spark the dormant interest I have in photography. Even though she tells me point blank that I suck. LOL. Most importantly, she reminds me of what friendship feels like, regardless of different roles we play. What I like most is that she’s pure and naive, and I sincerely hope she stays that way and don’t end up like I do; skeptical.

Hani. short for Zaihanirah. Look at the picture, she’s so cute and chubby, don’t you love to pinch that cheek of hers? Or that cute nose? She seems to be the person who tag me most in facebook LOL.

Jasmine is one of the very few Sikh people I know. Not that race matters, but I know so few Sikh in Malaysia, it is so significant to note when I am friends with one. Sitting at the corner of the class, she hardly ever talks, except to a few friends sitting close by.

Next of, we have….

Lee Ching. Bubbly and carefree, she has the most genuine smile, the kind that makes you warm and fuzzy inside even if you’re having a bad day. Also, the only person other than Nazrul that comes from SM Sains Miri.  A creative person who makes a lovely card for me, reminding me of how I used to like craftwork.

Athirah. Sitting in between Joanna and Hani, she must have gotten all the naughty acts from those two. She’s not that quiet, but she’s not noisy either. Don’t really know much about her.

Yolanda is from Philippines. Very hardworking. She takes down almost every single note i jot on the board. *admiring* I like her laugh.

Joanna. I admire her determination to be a wildlife conservative.  She’s not all talk and no action, unlike most of us who speak our mind about making the world a better place and not acting on it.

Adeline reminds me of Jonathan, Christopher’s older brother. Overly excited about the syllabus and every other thing. A very resourceful person with a Biology-term dictionary in hand ready to help when I don’t understand a term, like stele. She has an uncertain guarded smile, which otherwise would make her look lovely.

Had enough about the girls? Well that’s all 13 of them.

The guys:

l-r: Felix, Chun Hong, me, Bonnie, Christopher

Why this picture ? Because this is the only picture we all don’t look as though we are talking criminal photographs. Look at Felix trying to hold his laughter. Chun Hong actually looks good in this picture, among all other pictures. Bonnie’s dimple LOL. Christopher modelling.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, the boys are outnumbered in the class. Once again, from left to right.

Felix is too tall. I am about 5 ft 5″ tall, and still could not reach his shoulders. The picture above is misleading, I’m standing slightly in front making me look enormous and of course, taller than Felix. He seems reasonably mature, though today he kept pleading for chocolates and sweets.

Chun Hong is always late, especially for morning classes. He seems to catch up okay so  I just let him off with a friendly warning, every single time. He made the best sushi ever. I don’t usually like sushi, but this is super-duper delicious.

Chun Hong seems to be always doing something other than what he is supposed to do. Kind of like how I am when I was studying there back then, except that I sit at the back of the class and most importantly, do a better job of hiding it. There’s a funny incident today. I give them time to read the structure of the respiratory organs, and he, no surprise, is doing Mathematics. I show him the “i caught you” look and take the book away from him, look at the questions, teach him about differentiation, and ask him politely “can you read biology now” ? He looks up and gives the most innocent smile ever.

Bonnie. Loud and noisy. He looks very sui bian and I just love asking him to take the books or papers from my table. More than often I have no idea where I put my things and he couldn’t find them. There is once, when I jio him a little to hard, he respectfully smiles without any comment and goes back to his seat. He also have a set of dimples and turns pink easily when being made fun off.

Christopher strikes me as mysterious. He often sleeps in class and look detached from the surrounding. I wonder if he is ever tired of people comparing him to his older brother, and just stops trying at all.

That’s all for guys.

Not bad, don’t you think?

Sometimes I look at people and it is hard not to wonder what their lives are. are they happy just the way they are? are they the ones who lend a hand in times of needs, are they the ones who say one and meant another, or if they have loved and lost. or if they are chameleons, changing their colour just to blend into the right crowds. that is, if they bother to in the first place. it’s hard not to wonder. about things. about people. about life. (The Bigger Picture, June 04, 2009)

I wonder too much. I get a little too curious sometimes, wanting to know more than I should. But, there are more than what the naked eye can see. Perfect vision or not, we just need to close our eyes and let our heart leads the way.

P.S. There is a Part 4 coming up, probably.  While waiting, read part two or part one.


6 thoughts on “the replacement: Pt 3 of 4

  1. Hani says:

    chung hong made u sushi? he can make sushi? wow! impressive!

    btw, i know u like the 1st pic cuz u look cute in it! 😛

    Reply: yes yes i am always always cute. 😛 i choose this picture because lily’s face is inside! in the other picture, she’s completely hidden.

  2. Clark Errington says:

    This is an excellent post and may be one that is followed up to see what the results are

    A mate mailed this link the other day and I’m desperately waiting your next put up. Proceed on the top notch work.

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