Independence Day

The Malaysian Independence Day is not about celebrating the freedom of the country. This is the day all Malaysians are given a one day holiday, no matter what you are – a student, a teacher, a worker, or a manager. A time where we take time off and spend time with people we care about; lovers, friends or family.

This morning, we took our grandma to have breakfast at Grand Palace. It is my second time eating dimsum during this summer break. And my very few times eating breakfast. I am lucky to not to be craving for different Malaysian food every single minute. Dimsum is great, and choosing from a great variety of food seems to take more time than eating. LOL.

At around ten thirty, my parents dropped me off at my grandmother’s place to learn her cookery skills. I sliced ginger into the thinnest slice possible, slightly less than 1 mm. I chopped garlic and tiny onions. We made a few dishes (okay most of the dishes are made by her, but I contributed to making them!), including Prunus mume duck (i think that’s what it’s called in English. in Chinese it’s called suan mei yak), pork with salted vegetables and more.

suan mei yak

More importantly, I get to spend time with my grandmother – to let her feel less lonely when she’s alone at home. I will be leaving in a couple of weeks, and from then onwards, I’d be hearing any happenings in Miri only if it is significant enough to be mentioned. I want to be kept up to date, but there are some things I try to keep a deaf ear on, especially on the 1Malaysia.

When I told my parents and my grandmother about going to the opening of the Merdeka Mall, they laughed at the idea of me being a pak po. “Are you a VIP?” They joked. Later that night, my grandmother asks “Did they take a picture of you, the VIP?” I replied easily ““Nope, they were shocked when looking at such a liang moi like me and dropped the camera!” Talk about vainness. LOL. Didn’t know I have that in me.

Merdeka Mall is located at the Mosjaya area. Took a ride from Lokek along with a couple of friends (including siaw tien!). There were a lot of cars queueing up to enter the mall, so much in fact, that Lokek had to park on the granite road. It is a little alarming to see the cars almost grazing each other. There was a MyVi where the paint get scraped off slightly. 😦

Even though the car park was packed, the mall was deserted, much to the dismay of most of us. There weren’t a lot of shops opened. The corridors were dusty and the top floor (level4) was deserted.  The decorations were all green, which is not really my colour. We were bored, and we could circle the mall twice while waiting for a couple to show up.

Finally, the five of us, Lokek, Yee Fan, Siaw Tien, T Siew Hui and I, meet up with Ezra and Sze Yee soon. We walked around for a while, and knowing that there was nothing much to see, we head of to Parkson. We met a lot of people we know there. I saw two of my ex-students, ChooChoo and Pei Lee (whose boyfriend asked her “why your teacher looks like a child?”  😦 ) A mutual friend introduced me to a chemical engineer from UoManchester as well – such coincidence.

Anyway, we ended up at SugarBun, and sat there for almost 3 hours straight.  There were a lot of topics, and I learnt about some interesting facts. Eventually we went home after six, slight traffic jam. I fell blissfully into sleep on the way back .. paiseh betul.

The day was not over. I went over to my cousin’s place to talk about .. secret wei, how can I write here. Anyway, we might be planning a trip up to Brunei to visit our other cousin we miss so much! It’s better than just spending the  RM40 toll fee to eat sushi. I should ask my cousin to cook for me instead, it would be ten times better than any shops…  Merciana did you read this? Can cook for me or not? 🙂

Hope you spend your holiday well. At least in Miri we don’t worry about people hitting us just because of our race. Lucky Borneo.

2 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. Zane says:

    Oiii how bout me leh? i oso wan sushi… how how how? next june i go back miri and u go back miri then we both try make sushi okay? but dun tell mum later she ngik ngik ngok ngok y wan make sushi, jz go sushi king enough lar, dun dirty my kitchen. hahahaha. miss u sis!

    Reply: hohoho… i think u better do it quietly. mum will blow up later 😛 HAHAHAa. next year you better come back hooo .. spend time with me 😛

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