The replacement: Pt 4 of 4

Part 3 is done, and now part 4.

I’ve gone on and on about May 10 intake class, let me now introduce the May 09 intake class.

l-r : (guys) Jeffrey, Andy, Gabriel, Adrian, Jimmy

l-r (girls): Doreen, Tracellia, Phoebe (front), me, Amanda, Ying Yin.

MIA: Choo Choo

There are very few people in this class, only 12 of them. 9 takes up Biology. The smaller the class, the more easily you can interact with your classmates, that’s what I think. Do you know I’m almost the youngest in the class? I wonder if they thought less of a senior who’s no older than they are. Would you?

Let’s start with the guys this time.

Jeffrey (black tee with a peace sign) doesn’t take Biology. In fact I wouldn’t have known him at all if he did not sit quietly in the class. oh wait, quiet seems to be the wrong word. Why? By the third week of lecture, he was so  comfortable with me that he knows how to ‘answer back’ but not in a mean way. The only thing he’s interested is how the pregnancy kit works – and when i stumbled on the reasoning, he kind of laughed me off. I don’t seem to be offended by our future E&E engineer.

Andy (guy with green file and blue water bottle) is a very sweet boy. The kind you couldn’t help but smile and be nice to him in return. On the first week, I forgot my marker pen and he borrowed his marker pen! Don’t you think he’s kind of cute when he smiles? I want to pinch that chubby cheeks of his. 😛 Our future physiotherapist.

Gabriel (with red collared shirt). He likes to talk, and I like to ask him to shut up in different ways. The only way I can’t seem to is to glare at him until he stops. In fact, most of the time he is oblivious to me trying to glare at him (which I always burst out laughing in the end).The most common phrase he used is “I don’t know how”.  He always wears two layers – both short sleeves. I wonder, if it is really that cold, shouldn’t he be wearing long-sleeved or a jacket?

Adrian (behind the girl in the green dress aka me!) is the one person I can say for sure that is younger than me. He is born in year 1992, and is brighter than most of them. Not afraid to share his knowledge though – I always see him helping out people who asks him questions. I think he’s from.. somewhere other than Malaysia.

Jimmy (guy in white shirt. half a face only!) likes sharing videos, blue-toothing to me during lectures LOL. Once he decides to be a .. aircraft designer (i think), he drops Biology. Personality wise? He is just different. Maybe it’s because he reminds me of someone I used to know. Sometimes, when I look at him I wonder about what happen to the other guy, of the friendship we used to have. Yes. Friendship.

On to the girls now..

The reason I’m posting yet another group picture (slightly different, you notice?) is because these are the only two pictures I have of this class. If you think this is bei ai wail till you see the next post – i have no pictures of the other class. *thinking how to improvise*

Doreen (in white tee)is the fairest girl in the class, if you haven’t notice the obvious yet. I admire the way she respects me even though I sometimes do a bad job of explaining. She just looks attentively at you, her brows arching slightly when she doesn’t understand. At times, when I look at her, I think of the Doreen who used to be in the same class in Riam, and I think how different can two persons with the same name be.

Next to her is Tracellia. Initially, I have a difficult time pronouncing her name. I like to get the pronunciation of names right because I know how it feels when your name is wrongly articulated. The “there you go again” feeling comes and then for a brief second you wonder why your name couldn’t be as plain as Mary or Jane, and then you shrug it off. She’s the first person I notice to look disappointed when I say that the respiration quiz will be postponed.

Phoebe the strongest girl among all! Look at the arm she is emphasising on (wow!!). An outspoken person, not afraid to speak her mind. I was slightly displeased at first, but then I realised speaking your mind out is the one thing I don’t have back then. Phoebe is more of the class clown/entertainer. There is one incident I would not forget. I was lazy to photocopy the questions, so I copy them on the board. Then she called out, “kopi? you want kopi C or kopi O?

Amanda (girl in blue tee)I don’t really know much about her, apologies for that! If I’m not mistaken, she can also speak Mandarin. I like her smile, look at the row of perfect teeth – so white!

Ying Yin (girl on the right of the pic) is hardworking. She sits quietly (almost) at the back, with the slightly fizzy hair and the easy smile, easily mixing with the rest of the group. The one question she gets correctly (that I remember) is the reason positive pregnancy test has two lines instead of one. If you are curious it is to make sure that the antibodies travel up the kit.

Choo Choo (missing!) is quiet. I knew her way back to form 3, when I just started to be slightly sociable . Sad to note, she’s very antisocial, probably because she’s too quiet? Or she doesn’t feel like she belongs in the class. In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen her talking to her classmates. Her eyes, something about it that makes me feel a little sorry for her.

Some people have eyes that practically smiles, even to a stranger. Some people have eyes filled with innocence and curiosity, wondering what the world has to offer. Meanwhile others have eyes that are filled with uncertainty, searching for the truth beneath every conversation, every actions. Some have piercing eyes, sharp as dagger, sending a silent dare to others. Some have kind eyes, full of warmth, compassion and love.

We open our eyes to the world; to the clouds of smokes from the vehicles around us, to the trees that sway to and fro, to the kids running across the road, to the police officer stopping a car with tinted glass, to the graffiti at the fly over, to the old woman trying to coax people to buy her products, to the stray dogs scrapping for leftovers in the bin, to the friends who seem to talk endlessly among themselves, to the lecturers who try to convey their thoughts across, to the exhausted parents who come home late and to the laptop where connection is just a click away.

We look, everyday, but are we really seeing?

The last part is coming up later next week, about Jan10 intake and everything else.


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