Friday at the Beach

September 3rd 2010. 5.30p.m onwards.

My first time this year to go to the beach. It’s about time, isn’t it? I went right after swimming with another bunch of friends. We took a long walk by the beach, enjoying the evening scenery. There are not much clouds today, just a clear blue sky. We had our dinner at Tanjong –  a little disappointed at the quantity and the quality of food. Not elaborating much, let pictures do the talking. – Introducing..

Tanjong Beach, Miri.

can you see the Marina Beach at the end?

liang moi in red walking towards us.

with lee ching

Beatric and Pei Lee

baby crab !

i spot a rainbow!

tried editing one picture (the above), but i think it looks very… unreal.

One group photo before dinner.

l-r: Eda, Senq(i think), Danny (i think), Joanna, Felix (on the phone), Beatric, Pei Lee, Lily, Mazlin, Hui Thing, me, Lee Ching, Adeling, Chia Ching

Say goodbye.. i’ll see you all next june 🙂

p/s for those of you who has some pictures of us can you send it to my email in full resolution (hehehe!) please ? tq!

2 thoughts on “Friday at the Beach

  1. Hani September 9, 2010 / 12:51 AM

    aww~ funn! i wish i cud followw..

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