Going Back to Man…chest..er

It has almost been a week since I left Miri.

Miri from bird view

On the first day in Manchester, I sweat! I, along with looh zhen, chia khuan and matthew, unload a total of 5 friends belongings from a vault. It was after the fifth or sixth box when we realised we could not do it all by ourselves, (gosh, it was tiring. Good exercise! *optimistic*) and I started asking for help from random people – the guy who smoked by the main door to leave it open for us, a friend from another flat to help carry the boxes, two random strangers that pass to help carry things up the stairs.  Matthew called a couple of friends to help too .. but somehow we managed to finish before they arrive, cool eh?

I got the same room as I did last year. How? (Read @ A Prayer Answered ) I’ll give you a sneak peak of my room:

Whole Room

Bookshelf is full before the class begins LOL. The rest seem pretty much the same like how I arranged it the previous year. But do you like my bedsheet?

Main Table

This was taken a few days ago

This was taken today.

Do you spot the huge difference? *hint* look at the window 😀 That was given by my previous flatmate, Jami. Now i am able to not close my curtains anytime without feeling like my privacy is invaded 😀 And look at the food just an arm away. I’m so going to get fat *refrains myself from gobbling everything up*

Oh, if you’re wondering about the fan, wait till spring. It’d be so warm (with no air conditioning) and stuffy!

Bed-side Table:

Baby Pteri says “hello” and Big Smiley says “give me a hug”. The picture was taken about four years ago. The rest of the bottles at the side are what I use everyday (some are in the drawers) – all of the are used for moisturising the whole body, from hair to face to toes. DRY skin :lol:. Do you like the table cloth? 😀

Slim Cart:

New addition to the room yayFirst tier : Random stuffs I can just put in when i enter the room / Second tier: Clean clothes – my pyjamas! / Third tier: Used clothes I’m not willing to throw into the laundry bag 😀


I brought more shoes this year. Four extra pairs, do you know which ones?  I think I’d most probably be wearing the boots and sport shoes more often than the rest. LOL.


note the cute froggy and koala hangers?

And finally,

(drumroll, please)

My wall! It’s pretty isn’t it? Inspired by my cousin Merc These wall stickers wont leave a mark, rest assure. I didn’t put much adhesive on the pictures too Hopefully these wont leave any mark on the wall 🙂 Spot any pictures with you in it?


Happening that falls on this week: Mooncake festival

How did I celebrate it? By spending the whole day training for The Personal and Academic Support System (PASS) . It was more enjoyable than I expected from an 8-hour meeting. It’s lengthy to describe everything, but there was a game where we sat back to back and one of us was asked to describe the picture we can see ( while the other cannot) to our partner. And it turned out quite differently from what the pictures.

Mooncake festival without mooncake. 😦 We had dinner at 9pm (technically it’s over in Malaysia). Our first meal together. 🙂

That’s about it. . Class is starting soon, after three days of Professional & Career Development Programme, so updates wouldn’t be as frequent. Hello again, Manchester.

P.S. I just realised I have absolutely no pictures around Manchester . LOL.

4 thoughts on “Going Back to Man…chest..er

  1. lz says:

    LOL. i like your wall!!! and this is the first time i comment on your blog huh? 😛 and that dinner, i just look like someone from tibet.. 😦

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