Cadbury World Factory

Three days ago, I travelled 100 miles away from Manchester, and it was really an amazing day out. But let’s face it, any day is amazing enough as long as it is a break out of our normal routine.You may wonder the reason I go to Birmingham out of the blue, but the title says it all doesn’t it?

After two hours of sitting in Fingland bus, with Walkers and orange juice to enjoy (tq, siak gee!), we finally reach the purple factory. YES: The whole factory is literally in shades of purple – it feels like heaven on earth. Pssst even the brochure is purple! And I’m smiling throughout the trip. 😉

Cadbury World Factory, where chocolate comes to life.

At the entrance of the tour, we were given two small packets of chocolates. Buttons and something long. I decide to just quote what the brochure says and put in pictures I snap along the way 😀

Astec Jungle

Discover the origins of the cocoa bean, admist trees and waterfalls, deep in the ancient tropical rainforest. But be warned – Astec Emperor Montezuma is very protective of his cocoa!

….which explains why there is a “Keep Out” sign planted at the side of the wooden pathway.

This is a brain-wrecking picture. 2 cocoa = 1 pumpkin ; 10 cocoa = 1 rabbit ; millions of cocoa = man.

Any idea what does it symbolises? The more cocoa, the darker the skin/fur? LOOOL

Journey to Europe

Watch as our mini theatre presentations tell you about the arrival of chocolate to Europe. learn how Hernan Cortez brought the wonderful cocoa bean back to our continent and how chocolate quickly became the drink choice in high society.

I find it amazing the way they project the 3D slides into four boxes and sum up the story. If you notice from two previous pictures, the people seems a bit translucent: you couldn’t see them if your camera flash is switched on. Wooo.. Here’s a lengthy explanation on a scroll somewhere inside.

The journey back to Europe was long and arduous. Conditions on board ship were not only uncomfortable and squalid but also hazardous.

Food was basic. There was no freseh food and food taken on the voyage had to be preserved by drying, salting, smoking and pickilng. Meat went rotten and the food was often infested with worms and weevils. Many ships even carried live animals which were used to provide eggs and milk, or killed during the voyage to provide fresh meat. Fresh water was in short supply and replaced with wine and ale.

The ships were dirty, damp and there were no beds or toilts but there were plenty of mice and rats. Many people caught scurvy, which gave them sores and made their teeth fall out, caused by the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Bull Street

Travel back in time to our recreation of Victorian Bull Street where you’ll meet the Quaker entrepreneur John Cdadbury and where the Cadbury business started.

It’s a room with a few shopfronts. Took a picture here because the background looks cute. This is basically a ‘waiting room’ before going to the next zone: Cadbury Story.

Cadbury Story

Sit back and watch how john Cadbury’s experiments to create a cocoa drink as an alternative to alcohol became a chocolate success story. See the story unfold, told by Richard and George Cadbury as eating chocolate developed and Cadbury Diary Milk was born


Making Chocolate

What makes Cadbury chocolate so deliciously wonderful? Herre’s where you will find out how we do it in our special effects cinema presentation.

The black and white video for extra effects – if worked. I forget what this old man was talking about ever so energetically. HAHA. Initially I only hope to be as energetic when I am old, and on second thought, I would only be grateful to live that long. 🙂

If I’m not mistaken, this is the part which is most exciting. It’s something like watching movie in a 3D movie, not that I have ever been into one. Water literally spurt out beneath the seats, the seats vibrating vigorously and the room heat up during separate events. Cool eh? *sakai here so cool loh*


What is your favourite Cadbury brand? Discover how seven popular Cadbury chocolate delights are produced.

Look at those smiling faces. Must be fun surrounded by chocolate all day at work..:D HAHA  .


Be amazed at the sight of Cadbury chocolate passing along the conveyor belts as you view our Packaging Plant

No pictures allowed here, and I guess it’s proabably about competition between companies and I would really like to steer clear if any dispute arrives LOL . My point is, no pictures.

But at the end of the trip there is a wall full of chocolate pictures! Notice the background is light PURPLE!


All abroad! It’s Cadbury World’s very own popular and recently updated, Cadabra ride – a magical journey full of surprises. And smile – we’ll even take your picture as you go round!

so cute. That was the first picture.  There were a lot of cute chocolate figures which looks like Humpty Dumpty. There are even smiling flowers.. and even cows!


Watch our chocolatiers work their magic as they demonstrate traditional chocolate making skills. And you can have a go at writing your name using fresh liquid chocolate.

I love the part writing my name. The liquid chocolate feels so soft . 😉 I wonder why doesn’t it melt in the paper holding the liquid chocolate.

Advertising Avenue

Always poinoeers. Cadbury ‘s advertising has been at the forefront over the years, generating awareness, innovation (and gorillas!). how many great Cadbury ads will you remember?

I vaguely remember Cadbury advertisement. Only the theme song that follows the rhythm “Wouldnt it be nice” by Beach Boys.

OMG just so cute. 😀

The Victorian PIcture Wheel displays our iconic ‘Glass and a Half” image first used in 1928 and stresses our use of full cream milk. The slogan “Glass and a half of full cream milk in every half pound” become associated with Cadbury Diary milk.

Notice that’s Cadbury logo? 😀

Purple Planet

Ever played in chocolate rain or seen a chocolate statue of yourself? WEll, now you can. hre’s an amazing interactive experience you won’t forget – enter the purple Planet and experience a world of digital chocolate delights!

Tried to take picture of it, but only to realised it’s all mirrors. What a way to play with reflections. 😉

The World Biggest  Cadbury Shop

No visit to Cadbury World would be complete wihotu stopping off in the World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop. We’ve Cadbury treats galore and plenty of special offers that you won’t find anywhere else.

The guy thought I was snapping a picture of him I suppose? LOL

It is only in the shop when I realised: for a person with no cravings of chocolate, a chocolate factory seems to be the wrong place to be. LOL. Lucky for me, there are a lot of different things besides chocolate: bears, mugs, keychains, shirts, lanyards, stationaries, books etc..

I end up buying a lanyard for £1.99, a book on the history of chocolate and a packet of 10 white chocolate bars. The lanyard seems pricey, but  it’s better than buying chocolate and getting fat in it LOL.

The Bournville Experience

Great fun and fascinating for all ages, the Bournville Experience focuses on the Quaker ethics of the Cadbury family and how the Bournville Village came to  be built. come and see how the vales that were so important to the company founders are still relevant in the company today.

Missed this. Tired by then LOL…


Travel back in time to see what makes Cadbury milk so special, then have warm liquid Dairy milk chocolate added to your choice of treat – from marshmallows to wine gums – to create your own delicious taste sensation. Here you’ll also discover an outdoor play area and lots of seating whrere you can choose to relax or run off more energy!

We got a small cup of treat covered by milk chocolate each. I play safe and got biscuits. Jake got wine gum (WOWWW.. imagine eating that with chocolate) and Chia Khuan got popcorn.. HAHA. I do wonder how they taste like.

that’s about it  

chia khuan, me, siak gee

I must have forgotten to mention this in front. I went with People Society. here’s the whole group.

by the way… notice how my jacket seems to match Cadbury theme colour?


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