Volunteering at Moss Side Festival

Our first volunteering event for MLP, short for Manchester Leadership Programme. If you never heard of it, here’s what MLP is in its homepage.

The Manchester Leadership Programme (MLP) enables you to explore current leadership issues with experts from a wide variety of fields, and to work with students from all faculties across the university.

MLP also offers you the chance to make a real difference to the community by completing accredited volunteering, all the while developing the skills employers really want. The MLP consists of two components: Leadership in Action unit and  Volunteering activity (20, 40 and 60 hours)

Got an idea about it? so anyway, here’s the volunteering part :

We volunteered for the Moss Side Festival a few days ago.

At about ten in the morning, we reached Moss Side Park (i think that is what it is called). I was personally surprised to discover there are (almost) no male volunteers. We started of with carrying pumpkins from the van to a gazebo by forming a line and passing on those heavy orange fruits to one another. Quite an efficient way, really, because there are about a hundred pumpkins and about 15 MLP volunteers.

See that white gazebo over there? That is the food demonstration tent. That’s where our work is, but we’ll talk about that in a moment.

Looh Zhen, Vera, Caroline and me

We started of by washing apples – there are almost ten big buckets to wash (as big as the green bucket in the picture). The apples are then later sliced and juiced, and we get to taste the organic taste of apples. It tasted sour, but nutritious.

There are many activities, mostly for children: pumpkin carvings, rock climbing, face painting, big connect 4, etc..

From top left, clockwise: Looh Zhen, me, cute kid, Caroline

Here’s a picture of us with the pumpkins (above). The kid is so cute, and willing to take a picture with us even though she’s not done with her pumpkin yet.

Moving on.

This is the food demonstrating gazebo, where caro and i spend most of our volunteering hours. There are many different food, from smoothies to ayam masak merah.  Our main “job” is to wait for the demonstration to finish and then hand it out of the observers and throw the container away once we are done.

The best part was having to taste some of the ayam masak merah, made by a Penang lady. Smells like home. But just a question for you readers, is ayam masak merah a Malay dish or a Chinese dish, in general?

Soon after, it was time to go home . We took two group photographs. First one is with Michelle (the girl in orange safety suit) and second one is with Nick (the guy with gray hair obviously, hehe)

Front (l-r): Looh Zhen, Cat, Delphine, Michelle, Maribeth, Amanda

Back (l-r): Joyce, Bianca, me, Caroline, Vera, (malaysian girl whose name i can’t remember)

l-r: Joyce, ??, Bianca, Looh Zhen, Vera, Nick, Cat, Delphine, Caroline, me.


Here are some of other pictures of the festival. Hope you enjoy them!

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