The big 21

Here’s a dedication for my wonderful brother 😀

This is going to sound really cliché, but my brother is awesome, so awesome that he deserves a whole post dedicated to nobody else but him. 😀 Here’s why.

My brother has always been taking care of me. Our parents both work long office hours, leaving us alone at home during the school holidays. We were told to complete our homework before playing the PlayStation or watching TV. Back in the 1990s, we weren’t that familiar with the computer yet, in fact we did not have one until i was 7 (bro, if you are reading this, do you remember why dad bought it *winks* )

It’s no surprise that my first recollection of us is my brother helping me to complete my mathematics homework. I was about six or seven then. We were assigned a few pages of work to complete each day and that day (by our mom 😦 ), I got carried away watching too much television programmes, and when I realised that our parents would be home any minute and my book was still blank and new, I panicked. And I remember both of us sitting on the staircase, my brother patiently working out the problems for me.

Our mom didn’t know back then. She did not notice how different the handwriting was, or how afraid I was if she found out. Probably, she just did not expect her two children who fought so frequently to pull of stunts like that. 😀

When I think about our childhood, I always admire how patient and loving my brother is. Most of the times. And how unfortunate that I always take him for granted. I have a really bad temper back then, and my brother willingly put up with most of it. The best part was this: He never told our parents anything. Okay, maybe some teeny weeny things.

Once,  I was so angry  that I took apart an almost-finished 500-pieces Disney puzzle (it was the one with all the Disney characters in it, and Mickey Mouse was in a somewhat magician suit), he helped me complete the puzzle without complaining.

Of course, There are things I remember about the our early years that doesn’t involve negative emotions.  My brother has been my role model, even though I am too young to realise it. I stopped using the milk bottle just because my brother did not use his anymore. And the reason for that was because our mom didn’t want to buy a new bottle teat. LOL.

I recall us jumping on his bed constantly. I think we were trying to prove the theory that we can sweat in an air-conditioned room – and we did. Mom and Dad were so worried we got sick – and we prove them wrong. We also enjoyed playing Playstation games such as MetalSlug and some semi-violent games.  And our parents wonder why I was not ladylike. 😀

Did you know the orchids we bought a year ago blooms once again?

As we grow older, I remember less squabbling and more moments that I can say “my brother is awesome!” I wonder how many times could I use the word “awesome” in a single post  before it becomes redundant.  I smile when I remember those talks late at night. The simple gesture of giving me your water in school when I do not have enough.  And for giving me  so many things, including your iPod Nano just because I likey it.

There are so many things I remember about both of us.  And there are more to come, I am so sure of it.

So, bro, if you’re reading this: We may be at opposite ends of the world (literally), but you’d always be my bestest bro! One could only hope to have such awesome brother like I do!

Happy 21st Birthday Brother!

May you always be contented. Follow your heart wherever it takes you. 🙂

Love always,



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