Food for Thought

Today, we went for dimsum at Pearl City. The funny thing was, I didn’t want to go initially. My reason was that I was too lazy to get dress; and yes, I do know how ridiculous that sounded, so after much procrastination I got up and dress. Looh Zhen, Chia Khuan, Ying and I joined Caro, Careena and Yee Ching, who had came all the way from London.

As we arrived later than the three, we ordered our set meal; and it turned out not to be so different than the first set. On the whole, the food was great. For slightly less than £5.50 per person, we got to eat a variety of chinese food, and some deserts.

On the side note, I experiment on Aperture; a program that not only import, compile and store images, but also set adjustments on the images. It just take me a couple of minutes for each picture because I am still yet to understand what a really good picture looks like.

Egg tart as the first dish.

Thanks to sis, I got a tiny bite!

One of the two main dish: Udon with minced pork.

Udon is a thick kind of Japanese noodle. A little too thick for my taste but still delicious anyway.

We then talked about random stuff, including which actresses are prettier. I do not know half of the name mentioned, but it was interesting to listen how different people define beauty.


30th October 2010.

We “ChemEng Malaysian Chinese” are invited to Siti’s, Ain’s and Zai’s house at Rusholme. It was a long walk and when we reached there, we were greeted by Wai Lum (who reached earlier than us) and the sweet-smelling Malaysian food!

Are you interested in the food? Take a look!

Curry, sambal, roti jala, fried chicken, fruits and desserts. They tasted better than they looked. Oh, and we have some sort of milk tea. 🙂 Pull tea, anyone?

A group picture of all of us. A few of us can’t join 😦

front: l-r: Wai Lum, Matthew, Sarah, Careena, Ying, Caroline
back: l-r: Jake, Looh Zhen, Ain, me, Zai, Siti

and another one with just the girls.

front: l-r: Careena, Siti, Ain, Zai
back: l-r: Sarah, Caroline, me, Ying, Looh Zhen

We look happy, don’t we? 🙂 Nine of us went back with nine happy stomach. Look forward to another visit!


First time eating at Samsi, which is just about three minutes away from our hall of residence.

The reason we went was because the menu was so captivating when we were shivering in the dark, waiting for Jedwind to show us his apartment. We are now apartment hunting …. still yet to go to look for an agent.


Last but not least, Pei hau’s birthday lunch on 13th October 2010 at Zizzi. The table was too long and I didn’t get to talk much to the birthday boy.

l-r: Caroline, me, Chia Khuan, Looh Zhen, Ying, Pei Hau, Matthew, Jake, Yit Lin, Wai Lum, EeLin

I always try to eat food I can actually enunciate, but I can’t really pronounce CIABATTA POLLO.

Tender chicken, sweet red onion and aioli. Served on a garlic ciabatta, with avocado and mixed leaves

Like always, it looks delicious, doesn’t it? This picture is a complete natural! 😀


I have more pictures, but I don’t want to make you readers hungry. Just a reminder: Enjoy food, enjoy life.

off to bed now, good night!

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