White Snow

Finally, snoooww! *wheeee!!* small, white and delightful

I am not thaaaaaat excited about snow, but there is something magical about little white flakes of snow falling from the sky. As I gazed upon the sky, there was a feeling of appreciation of nature  intermixed with another unspoken feeling, the kind that overrides the many train of thoughts that cross my mind.. And

The reason I am so excited is because most others major cities in UK has  been snowing for ages. In fact, Gii Yap just told me that his lectures was cancelled because the snow was about 6 inches thick. And he is currently in Sheffield, which is just an hour away.

So anyway, let’s talk Manchester.

it snowed heavily today (Update: today = Dec1). Well, not very heavy, as there is barely two inches of snow on the grass, but it is enough to swallow them accidentally. And we made an amazing discovery: that the snow that falls are in snowflakes-shaped. There was one on Matthew’s hair, the perfect shape of a snowflake, but it is so hard to take a picture of it. The picture above is a few snowflakes clumped together on my gloves 😉

We took some pictures together 🙂


l-r: Careena, Chia Khuan, Ying, Looh Zhen, me!!! .. and right in front of us, the photographer: Caro!

I think these are two of the very few pictures with Careena in it. thumbs up if you agree! 🙂

This two pictures looked very odd. In my defense I wasn’t really posing in the second picture, I got so excited over catching the snowflakes, hoping to get one perfect enough for a macro shot. Sadly, I didn’t really get what I hope. And I’m not thaaat fat also 😛 I hid my sling bag under my coat.

Oh, now I remembered what I missed out in the first part. We went buffet at Buffet Metro (somewhere outside Piccadilly Gardens) after walking all the way to Taiwu only to be greeted by a closed door! Food was just fine, but the best part is I ATE PERSIMMON , If you don’t know what fruit it is, google it: it is the best fruit EVER!

Isn’t this beautiful ? The flower, small and strong, surviving the winter 🙂

More updates soon!

P.S. Did you notice snow falling in my blog?


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