Double Take and K2, all in a day.

(This post was written on 24th December 2010)

Before I reveal whose birthday it is, let me share about what happened six hours before:

Double Take Studio

A week before December, I received a call from Double Take Studios inviting me for a free photo shoot. According to the caller, Jami, my previous flatmate from Weston Hall has written my name in the guest list. I was hesitant at first, but i thought since it was free (with a refundable booking fee), why not just take a leap of faith and try it out? After about half an hour of convincing me, I made an appointment for 12th December. I figured, if we were to play dress up, why not do it on someone’s birthday

As I could bring a friend along, I invited Chia Khuan whom was as captivated by the ‘event’ as I was. We were nearly late for our appointment because the Metroshuttle 3 bus did not operate on Sundays as expected, and the studio was situated in St Peter square, a place we hardly go to. We ran from Manchester Piccadilly, but I couldn’t go that fast because I had just recovered from flu, cough and lost voice that week.

I brought three sets of clothes as required; one was my prom dress back in 2007, another was a dress/long shirt I bought from New Look for just 8 pounds, and the last was a casual wear (below)

The picture was taken in the bathroom while waiting for our turn to view the pictures we’ve just taken. Now I’m just getting ahead of myself… let me start from the beginning. I didn’t take much picture, not because my camera disappoint me again, but because camera wasn’t allowed in it.

…But I did snap a picture of the waiting room / reception area. There were free muffins, cereal bars, chocolates and drinks. Chia Khuan was excited to see all those food, but I wasn’t feeling very hungry then (pity huh?)

We were first taken in a makeup room. My makeup artist was Bou. I went for casual makeup with wavy hair, and when I looked in the mirror, I freaked a little. Who’s that girl staring at me? Chia Khuan didn’t like her makeup as well, but i think she look so much better than me.

The photo shoot was pretty quick, just around an hour and a half. My photographer was Shaun, and I kept trying to hold my grin as he kept showing me what pose I should be doing. Imagine a guy putting his hand on the waist, a bit qiao pi gu, tilt the head slightly sideways.. well I can’t really explain, but it’s a funny sight. I’m not going to show any pictures taken here yet, just for the suspense!  😀

The last part took the longest: Selecting pictures you want to buy! I liked all my pictures, but to buy all of them costs freaking £1000 pounds, but we just need to pay £500 as there was this double money deal, pay £50 in advance for £100 worth of pictures. I’m bought some photogrpahs, but I’m not going to tell you how much I paid for it ! xD

We spent about five to six hours in total in the studio, though it felt less than three hours. We must had spend at least two hours or more selecting the pictures, up to the point where the sales women say we had to make our mind because the next customer is waiting. At around eight thirty at night, both of us walked back with burnt pockets and happy smiles on our faces.


Birthday party at K2

Let me introduce you to the birthday boy: Jedwind Tan!

I met Jedwind on 27th February 2009. The reason I remembered the date so clearly was because it was Manchester Games, and I remembered the picture of me that Chris uploaded on the spot. LOL. I can’t really remember talking to him though :X

The party was in a karaoke bar in Chinatown K2 (Hence the Double Take appointment on this day). We arrived an hour late and the place was quite packed. There were about 20 people in the room. We were warmly greeted by the birthday boy, but it didn’t take us long to realised we didn’t fit in with the crowd. I’ve never seen any of them before, apart from Chris, Jedwind and Sherene.

Here’s a picture of Chia Khuan, me, Jedwind, Caro (where are you looking at?) and Looh zhen. Look at the background, it’s Japanese, and some of them can sing really well – I mean read the words. BIG WOW. I obviously can’t sing so I stayed away from the microphone. Looh Zhen sang once !

Happy 21st Birthday. Jedwind!

At twelve sharp, birthday cakes was brought in. There were two cakes, but i only tried the lime cheese cake. I must have been really sick then, because instead of slightly sour (as lime are supposed to taste like), the cake tasted bitter. I didn’t drink any alcohol because – obviously I don’t drink. And also I had an empty stomach. The alternative was green tea, which didn’t go well with an empty stomach either.

Here’s the best group picture I could find in facebook. We eventually got acquainted with two persons, Mia and Yee Hung. Btw, Caro, Chia Khuan, Looh Zhen…. I wonder where three of you are looking at. You were all looking at that direction in all group pictures LOL.

After a while of more singing  (Jedwind sang really well *envious* ) and eating cakes, came the ultimate surprise for the birthday boy:

40 over shots. I don’t know what kind of liqour it was, or if they were really called shots (you can’t possibly take the whole glass in one shot) but it made the birthday boy so touched that there were tears in his eyes. He started hugging everyone so tightly soon after, including me, who tried breaking free after more than 5 seconds LOL.

We left the karaoke bar at around two in the morning. The other group of Jedwind’s friends head of for an early meal in Chinatown, while the four of us walked back to Weston Hall. The streets are more quiet than usual. I went to CK’s room to clean the heavy makeup from the photoshoot earlier, and slept soon after. It’s..  Monday 😦




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