Merry Christmas: once, twice, thrice!

(This post is written on Christmas Day)

Until last year, 25th December was just another day in December  Back in Miri, Christmas spirit doesn’t really show in the city, not as much as New Year spirit. Now, in the UK, Christmas decorations filled the city, and of course I’m surrounded by friends who are so enthusiastic about Christmas. Sad to note: all shops are closed. including public transportations. 😦

I’ll always remember what happened on last Christmas eve. Caroline, Yee Ching and I (has belinda arrived?) were in London It was almost midnight when Yee Ching and I noticed Caroline sitting at a corner looking so depressed. One of us asked, and her response made us laughed. She was worried about not having enough food to eat LOOOOL.

We had three Christmas dinner this year.

  1. Christmas Dinner with SF Kahpenese gang  on 3/12/10
  2. Christmas Dinner in Weston Hall on 17/12/10
  3. Christmas Dinner on Christmas Day in London! on 25/12/10

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Christmas Dinner with SF Kahpenese gang.

This dinner was with Student Fellowship Kahpenese (as they called themselves) members. I met many new acquaintances, but I doubt our path will cross often in the future. Hopefully yes, cause they seemed like such a nice bunch of friends. Belinda was in Manchester then, so she joined in the fun too!

When I entered the apartment (it’s so beautiful 🙂 ) I was greeted by the Leonard. Since it was my first time joining the event, I introduced myself.. then a couple of seconds later, Joel’s head popped out from the other room “I heard a very familiar name.” and realised it was me! LOL. such coincidence! I met Joel last March, when we all went for the Yonex All England Open Badminton 2010, bumped into him a couple of times after that, and we hardly see each other in Manchester anymore.. that’s until today!

While some of us were busy preparing food in the kitchen, I played UNO with a bunch of them. I was sitting next to Grace Li, who was my good luck charm for that day. You know why? I won four out of four times! 😀 Soon after, it is time to have our dinner.

There were many delicious food 🙂 I felt guilty for not helping much, I just peeled the carrots and put some butter on potatoes. But too much cook spoil the broth, not that there’s any here LOL. There are sausages, bacons, turkey, pig in blankets, brussel sprouts, broccoli etc..

Look at how happy I was, ready to eat the food!

Shoot, Grace, shoot! I wondered if they will spoil the TV if they aimed wrongly LOL.

top from left: Tiffany, careena, Daniel, Sam, Grace, (i forgot the two girls names 😦 ) Jeremy
bottom from left: Tom (with the guitar), Aileen, Chia Khuan, Minnie, me and Selyn
photographer: Caroline (missing in most pictures LOL)

After eating the main course, we had a mini Christmas caroling. I forgot my specs, so I couldn’t read the words on the screen 😦 I remembered Hark the Herald Angel Sing and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Kah Peng then said a few words about Christmas. Some part I agree upon, while some others I thought otherwise.

Then, we form a circle to ‘pull open’ the christmas crackers 😀 I got a mini card stack, and a purple hat! I ddin’t know I had to grip the crackers tightly, I just let go when I felt someone tugging at the other end LOL.

indulging in deserts, CAKES and ICE CREAMS!

minced pies

yaaaaaaaaaam seng!

We played some games at the end, and returned past midnight. I felt sleepy halfway LOL. So happy to returned to bed after that… whee


Christmas Dinner at Weston Hall

Our very own Christmas party !

Dinner was at seven, and Li Shan, Wen Zhe, Pei Hau and Sarah were the earliest non-Westerners (Weston Hall resident btw :p) Look at the food we all have! Wen Zhe brought wine but nobody was in the mood of drinking it.. oops.

Look at the food!

As time passes, more and more people dropped in. We borrowed 10 chairs from the next door flats, so there was enough place for everyone to sit!

i forgot what we were laughing about


a picture of us with Li Shan before she left from the UK. 😦 Aww she’s so cute with that smile. 

A big group picture with all of us, except Looh Zhen the photographer!

Caroline came up with the idea of Secret Santa.  We picked our elves to give our present to. Initially I got Pei Hau’s, but there was a little mix up and I picked again, and my elf: Parva! She was also my Secret Santa, what a coincidence! In fact there were four pairs of Secret Santa : Sarah & Matthew, Jake & Ying, Parva & I, Caroline & Looh Zhen.

Most of us got body care items for each other. There were a couple of gifts from Body Shop. I got Parva a Moringa set and made her a card, while she got me body care items with LAVENDER smell and chocolate! 😀

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love”

another group picture with all our christmas presents

The night was great! There were many leftovers although all of us ate until we felt our tummy could explode! Look at our smiling faces, and it’s not only because of the presents in our hands. 😀

It snowed that night too! Here’s a picture of  in the midst of the snow 🙂


Christmas Dinner in London!

Our official Christmas dinner ! Official, because it is the Christmas dinner that actually falls on Christmas Day. 🙂 Dinner was set at seven o’clock. We started preparing at around five in the evening; chopping onions, peeling carrots, slicing tomatoes, chopping parsnips etc.  There are twelve of us: Caroline, Belinda, Yee Ching, Voon Hui, Wai Shan, Wai Han, Nigel, Kevin, Jin Teck, Chye Ling, Hazel, and me!

Voon Hui came alllll the way from California few days ago and didn’t have time for us until today: the day where there are no tubes and buses working LOL. Wai Shan, Wai Han and Jin Teck were staying in the same house as us. Nigel, Kevin, Chyle Ling, Hazel and Voon Hui shared a taxi here and were on time! By the time they arrived, we were not done with the food yet.

Caroline, Yee Ching, Belinda, Wai Shan and Wai Han did most of the cooking (so I cleaned up afterwards! 😀 ) There were many delicious food: mashed potatoes with cheese, potato salad with hard boiled eggs and mayo, boiled parsnips, brussels sprouts and carrots, spaghetti with two different sauces: bolognese sauce and carbonara sauce, garlic bread, risotto, chicken and some cheap wine.

Looks delicious? It tasted as delicious, and after a couple of hours, all of us had smiling tummies. Lots of carbohydrate though ! After cleaning up, we had Wai Shan’s steamed chocolate cake. Taste delicious! Then it was time for games : I wanted to play UNO, but it seemed like a bad idea to play it among 12 players. So, we ended up playing MAFIA!

For those of you who never heard of it, Mafia is a party game and goes something like this:

Players are secretly assigned roles: either “mafia”, who know each other; or “townspeople”, who know only the number of mafia amongst them. In the game’s “night” phase the mafia covertly ‘murder’ a townsperson. During the day phase, all of the surviving players debate the identities of the mafia and vote to eliminate a suspect. Play continues until all of the mafia have been eliminated, or until the mafia outnumber the townspeople. A typical game starts with seven townspeople and two mafioso. (Wikipidea, last accessed 26 December 2010)

l-r: Wai Shan, Hazel, Wai Han and Belinda’s cute eyes 🙂

In general, I didn’t particularly like the game. In my opinion, it was a game of deception. For townspeople, you looked around the group of friends you know, studying the facial expression to see if they are the mafia or not. For the mafias, you try to keep an innocent face, be silent, or accuse someone else of being the mafia. Even so, it was fun trying to figure out who the mafia was.

l-r: Kevin, jin Teck, Nigel, Chye Ling and Yee Ching

l-r: Nigel, Chye Ling, Yee Ching, Wai Shan

I think Nigel looks a little alike to Kim Teck. It’s that annoying habit of mine to keep comparing a new acquaintance to someone else I knew. All of them looked so solemn listening to Jin Teck explaining the game. There were a lot of hiccups during the game, only the final game went smoothly.  In the end, mafias won, with Voon Hui as the only survivor. 😦 I was killed in the end. The mafias were…. Yee Ching and Caroline!  Congratulations!

Next, we played the game of Taboo. It is the first I’ve heard of the game, and it is the highlight of the night.

Taboo is a word guessing party game published by Hasbro in 1989. The object of the game is for a player to have his/her partner(s) guess the word on his/her card without using the word itself or five additional words listed on the card.

We divided ourselves into a group of six. Our group members were Yee Ching, Belinda, Caroline, Hazel, Voon Hui, and me! the other group were Jin Teck, Kevin, Nigel, Chye Ling, Wai Shan and Wai Han. We lost the first round by 1 point, but we excused ourselves from any punishment because it was a “warm up round” haha. The second round was a tie : 22points for each team!

Here’s Yee Ching, ever so energetically describing a word.

We had two tie breakers, and sad to say aaaaah, our group lost! Our punishment was to sing Silent Night. It’s the first Christmas song that I actually sang from start to end. Chyle Ling recorded a video of us. I sang as softly as possible, because our group had at least four choristers (you know who you are!).

After we were done, the clocked strike twelve, and Christmas was over! We mingled until around 2 in the morning, before all of us crashed in bed. Time to charge all our energy for Boxing Day! I just wished we had taken a group picture! 😦


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