2010 in Review

Once again, a year has gone as quickly as it came. By the end of the year, like all other years, we take a moment of our time to revisit the beautiful memories we have created, to recollect about the many places we have been to, to think about friends; new and old, to forgive the people who have hurt us, and most of all, to think about our new year resolution for a better year ahead.

Wait. New year resolution, again?  I never write my list out, because I am sure I wouldn’t be doing half of the things I promise myself I would do. Instead, this year I will jot down a list of things I intend to do. *blanks out for a moment because I have not think about any yet* Well, we’ll leave that till the end of the post. So, what have I done in 2010? Well, one thing is for certain: I blogged! The upside about blogging about happenings in my life is that I don’t have to wreck my brain to remember what had happened in the previous years. 🙂 It’s something similar to writing a journal, don’t you think?

I believe, the highlight of the year would be the summer of 2010. It’s the three short months I get to spend back in my hometown . I learnt to bow a violin, went to Brunei twice, went to swim, made new friends, keep up with the old, spend time with my family and relatives, but the most noticeable thing I have done is that I had my first part time job, as a temporary teacher!!

It’s not such a big deal to most others because by the age of 19, most people I know already have more than one part time jobs, but for me, I couldn’t have asked for a better place to my first work employment. Which job (at the age of 19 of a normal life) can you have people of similar age / older address you as Miss/Mr? 😛 Unless you are anak boss that’s a different story.

I’ve been to more and more places each year. Before I came to the UK, I’ve only been to Brunei, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore (how could I remember much when I was just a 7-year-old =( ) . In the first three and a half months in the UK (Sept 09 to Dec 09), I’ve visited Cheshire Oaks outlet stores, Nottingham for the nottingham games, Leeds and London. Plus Manchester, cause it’s my first time to the UK.

Last year I’ve been to even more different places, not only the UK, but Europe! In January, right after first examination, Chia Khuan, Caroline and I visited Arnside and Lancaster for a couple of days. It was the first time going to the beach (not exactly a beach as such) here and it was breezy. I could still remember Chia Khuan shivering as the wind blows right into her.

Also, I went to Birmingham in March 2010 with Chia Khuan and other Malaysians who decided that Yonex All England Open Badminton 2010 was worth a watch. It was worth my money because Malaysia won the men single. Thanks to LCW.

In April, I went to Blackpool with Caroline, Jake, Chia Khuan, Ying Ying, Pollux and Yee Ching. Quoting myself,  Blackpool is somewhat a theme city; there are arcades and amusement parks almost everywhere. There are lots of way to tempt us to lose our money, if we are willing to spend.

At the end of October, I visited Birmingham once again, but this time it was with People society, for the Cadbury World Factory trip. The factory was, much to my delight, in all shades of purple. 🙂 It was really worth the trip because I actually learnt a lot about Cadbury. We were shown step by step how chocolate is formed, how milk chocolate was invented, and the inside of the factory. It was a pity that there was a part we couldn’t take any pictures of the factory.

In December I went to three places in Europe: Amsterdam, Munich and Berlin. Amsterdam was with Joesphine while Munich and Berlin with Caroline, Belinda, Yee Ching, Voon hui and her mother. Travelling in winter is epic. Train to Hull (before departing for Amsterdam) was cancelled so we arrived two hours later than expected. The two hours delay doesn’t seem like a big deal compared to what we have gone through in Germany.

cruise to amsterdam.

Germany was fun. took so many pictures that i decide to hold back on blogging about it first. So many pictures I want to share and upload! Here’s a quick view on the trip:

We went to Munich and followed a free tour (why aren’t there free tours in Amsterdam ;( ) Glad to say, we visited the main tourist attractions including the Neuschwanstein Castle. We walked forty minutes uphill to the castle, and much to our dismay at first, it was all foggy. As the fog cleared, a most magnificent view was revealed. Enough about Munich for now.. Wait till the main post ! 🙂

Let me tell you something all of us will never forget. We took three different trains (transit twice before last destination, Berlin!) from munich to berlin. Our trip is supposed to take about 8 hours, reaching Berlin at 10pm. The first train was delayed for ten to thirty minutes, I am not entirely sure how long it was. The train just stopped halfway, with no platform on either sides of the train. I later deduced that there must be no platform available for the first stop so we had to wait. We missed our next connecting train because of the delay. So, we waited at the second station for about half an hour for the next train.

When it arrived, it was so packed that all six of us, and the other passengers going to Berlin had to stand. I am not going to complain because Caroline, Voon Hui and Yee Ching had it worse than us, breathing in secondary smoke in closed proximity. But what’s unbelievable true is that the engine of the train broke down five minutes before the second transit station. We waited for three hours for the next train to arrive before getting off the current train (mind you, no platforms!), down into the knee deep snow before boarding the next train. Thanks to someone who called the police for help.

The next train sent us to some place starting with Ab-… . It was about two in the morning  (the next day) and we were told to get off the train towards the station where everything was closed, including the toilets. According to the police, they were there to make sure “nobody freezes to death” . But we passengers knew better than to get of the train. The worse part was that all the announcement were in German, but the best side was the lovely passengers who were so willing to translate for us. In the end, the lounge was opened for the passengers to crash before the next train at six in the morning. Two hours wait.

Well, after sixteen hours of travel and wait, we reached Berlin!

More about Germany trip some other day.

In 2010, I’ve also celebrated Chinese new year without family and relatives for the first time, watched Avatar in uk cinema for the first time (love the cinema, dislike the movie), spent money on my obsession on Me to You bears. I bought two duvets, one pyjamas set, one tea set, one passport holder, and plenty of bears (who says I don’t spend money here lol.). I also celebrated my 19th birthday away from home and completed a horrendous design project before going back home to Miri!

After the summer break, I took up taekwondo as sport but went for less than 10 lessons. Baked a cake for Chia Khuan’s birthday. Celebrated Christmas  started volunteering at Moss Sidfe Festival and Operation Christmas Child (didn’t blog about this). December marked most fruitful month of the new term year. I went for a free photoshoot at Double take Studio, went shopping on Boxing Day in London, friends visiting manchester, friends leaving manchester, and the best part of the month: I bought a new camera, Canon IXUS 210! It would be my first camera ever (that I bought with my own money ehhe..) .

2010 is over. Say hello to 2011.

Here’s an interesting excerpt from another blog.

When we set goals for ourselves, we get so excited about embarking on something new that we want to tell the world. So the first instinct is usually to call up friends and family and share our plans with them. Articulating our goals aloud feels so good that it can’t possibly be bad, right?

Derek Sivers disagrees, and he’s backed by evidence dating as far as the 1920s that shows those who talk about their goals are less likely to achieve them. Derek makes a convincing case, and I felt compelled share it with you before you spill your ambitions with your loved ones and it’s too late! (Just watch the video for yourself below.)

So this year, while other bloggers are eagerly sharing their ambitious New Years Resolutions with the blogsphere, I’m keeping my mouth shut (and fingers still). Hopefully it’ll help me achieve my resolutions. And maybe it’ll help you with yours too.

(Reference: Keep Your Resolution to Yourself, last seen: 3rd January 2011)

I didn’t really tell anyone about my new year resolutions, except one I posted on Facebook (that I know I am not going to keep) : to spend less time in front of the laptop. 😀

Well, once again, a Happy New Year 2011 everyone, especially to you readers! Hope the year 2010 end with a blast and wishing you a splendid year ahead.

All the best.




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