Willkommen München

It means “welcome to Munich”. So you probably have heard about our trip to Germany. So ready or not, here comes a post flooded with pictures! Pictures are quite pixelated, cause i reduce the size of each photo from an average of 3.5MB to less than 1MB per picture.

Our flight to Munich departed at six in the morning, so we left Yee Ching’s apartment at around 3am. We booked a taxi to London Gatwick, which was almost two hours away.  I only got half an hour sleep in the taxi..

at London Gatwick airport: Belinda, Caroline, Voon Hui and her mum. Where am i? Where's yee ching? LOL

…and later on the plane – the flight was just an hour and a half, and i was a little pissed when it landed lol. I was a little overexcited before boarding the plane, and it certainly feel awkward for a moment or so.

Here’s a slideshow of the many pictures you are about to see 🙂

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Jaeger's Hostel, Munich

Our hostel was only five minutes walk away from the train station, which is a convenience as train station is full of food stalls 😀 There was a complimentary free drink for us, but we forgot to get any. I didn’t get a picture of the room when we entered, but I did snap a picture on the day we left.

Room 209 in Jaeger's Hostel

We brosed through leaflets we picked up at the train station and found one very interesting piece: Priceless Munich, the pay-as-you-go city tour. It is a walking tour around the city for freeeeeee.

My first lunch :

Cheese and Salami with Coriander Panini 🙂

Going to German and eating Italian food?

Let’s go to the tour:

Priceless Munich

We met up at the heart of the city, Marienplatz.

New Town Hall (left) and Mary's Column (right)

The most majestic building that stood tall is the New Town Hall. Built between 1867 and 1908, with almost 10,000 cubic metres, this building is the most beautiful sight of Marienplatz. 🙂

me in front of New town HAll

In my defense, I did not gain that much weight! I look that (round) thanks to the new puffer I got myself. Best bargain, cause I didn’t really have much to complain about the cold weather. 🙂


♥ The New Town Hall also has a Glockenspiel in the middle.. 😀 The tour guide did a very entertaining posing of the Glockenspiel show it was too early before the show starts.  The real show lasted around fifteen minutes, of course the mock show was only around five minutes.

Part of the second construction phase of the New Town Hall, it dates from 1908. Every day at 11 a.m. (as well as 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. in summer) it chimes and re-enacts two stories from the 16th century to the amusement of mass crowds of tourists and locals. It consists of 43 bells and 32 life-sized figures. (Rathaus-GlockenspielWikipedia, last accessed 6 January 2010)

Mary's Column

♥ In front of the New Town Hall lies the Mary Column, in German, Mariensäule. On top of it is the Virgin Mary, which is built in honour of Her ending of plague. Unfortunately in the picture above, I only captured the back side of the monument 😦

♥ You know, if there’s an New Town Hall, there has to be…. an Old Town Hall !

Old Town Hall, Munich

I think the New Town Hall is much more beautiful than the Old.

Streets of Munich

The tour guide, Kirsten, took us through different streets, introduced us to many buildings, explained interesting facts about Munich and entered few churches. Munich portrayed images of an old and historic city. How is it possible when the city was destroyed during the World War II ? Well, the citizens drew blueprint of the city before the War World II struck, and rebuilt it after the war to exactly the way it was. Amazing isn’t it?

the inside of Frauenkirche or Church of Our Lady, Munich

♥ We went into the Church of Our Lady, and the bubbly Kirsten told us she was once asked to leave for speaking to loudly (i’m not sure if she was kidding or not).  An interesting fact is that this church has a “devil’s footstep”, which is a footprint that is embedded in the floor. There are many legends on how the footprint is formed, and the church covers it when a service is going on to prevent the devil spirit from rising.

St Peter Church, Munich

♥ The second church we entered would be the St Peter’s church also known as the Asamkirche . Nope, there is no devil footprint here. We didn’t enter the church during the tour, but two days later, where we discovered that the interior of the church is simply beautiful. Btw, did you notice there are two clocks on each sides of the tower? We climbed the towers (two days after), but we will talk about that after 🙂

We sat on the pews in awe as we admired carvings of the beautiful statues and the pillars of the church.

Box of lock in St Peter Church

For the box of lock above, it reads “For preservation and maintenance (of) the kungstschatze of St Peter and vergelts God.” No I don’t read German, but that was the rough translation of it. If you look closely you can see the carvings of the pews, the pillars and the statues!

St Peter Church (left) & Church of Our Lady (right) , Munich

Oh look, i got both churches in one picture! We seemed to be walking round and round the same place, but we discovered more and more about the beauty of Munich. Plus the tour guide was totally cool, making the tour more enjoyable.

Food Market, Munich

♥ The food market, also known as Viktualienmarkt in German.

The Viktualienmarkt developed from an original farmers’ market to a popular market for gourmets. The selection, variety and exclusiveness of the products offered contribute to the market’s special flair. On an area covering 22.000m², 140 stalls and shops offer flowers, exotic fruit, game, poultry, spices, cheese, fish, juices etc. Nowhere else in Munich can you find a greater variety of fresh food and delicacies. (Viktualienmarkt, Wikipedia, last accessed 6 January 2011)

Food Market, Munich

We didn’t get to go into the market, but we were told that the products sold there are quite pricey. There is a maypole (the tall blue stick at the corner) in the food market. I forgot what was the importance of getting the biggest maypole, but there was a joke that goes: “How to get the biggest maypole?” “Steal the biggest one! ”

Hofbräuhaus, House of Brewery, Munich

♥ Next stop, the House of Brewery. Munich is known for two things, one of which is beer.

inside the House of Brewery, Munich

Back in the olden days (we were told), the place was so packed that some people didn’t want to get up and leave their spot to go to the WC, and so they hided a tube and a urinal bag in their long coat.  Plus there’s no toilet back then. Double ewww.  It’s not easy to be the regular customers, you have to go to the HOuse of Brewery for twice or thrice per day for at least ten years or so.

Opera House, Munich

♥ We saw the exterior of the Opera House . I kept forgetting that this was the Opera House that I continuously asked the name of the building. It looked more like a state library or something of that sort. Certainly not some entertaining place. In front of it lies King Maximillian I

in front of Residence Museum (credit: caroline's camera!)

♥ The  Royal residence, also known as  Munich Residenz used to be a palace of some sort. There was a prince who became king at the age of 18. King Ludwig II built three castles (including Neuschwanstein castle, which we went the following day) and went into 14million debt. One of his most quoted sayings was “I wish to remain an eternal enigma to myself and to others.”

I can’t be sure, but this must be the Hitler place. She rambled a lot about the history of Germany here, mentioning Hitler once in a while. There were two lions; one with the jaw slightly open looked towards a building while the other that looked at the church had its mouth closed. It symbolised that the people should speak out to the government but keep silent in the name of God. Something like that.

Tour Guide Kirsten

The tour ended here. I think it was more than just a two hour city walking tour (as claimed by the leaflet), but rather a four to five hours tour. Here’s a cool looking pictures, slightly edited, of our tour guide. She wanted a cool picture of her, and it was pretty cool, wasn’t it? She posed for my camera 😀

We snapped a few pictures before the sky went dark.

in Munich

A group picture of all of us! It’s not easy to take a group photograph, you have to go up and ask a total stranger to take pictures of us. If we are lucky, the stranger turns out to be a good photographer and take awesome picture. This looked pretty awesome 😉

me me me !!

It seems a little odd to be taking picture in front of a Hitler monument (i think)

belinda and i

Caroline and i *hugs*

Here are some other pictures we took when we head back for the hotel:

Night street of Munich

Beautiful window display

Night view of New Town Hall

Dinner at the train station again! we got pizza and chicken 🙂


Retired for the night. I was the last one to shower, and when I came out, all five of them were snoring! Sleepyheads…. it was only 9 pm. 😦

I was going to blog about Munich all in one post, but the next post have even more pictures than this one! And it’s more beeeeaautiful than ever.

Next up – Day 2 in Munich: Neuschwanstein Castle

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