Neuschwanstein Castle, Munich

Beautiful scenery photographs on this post ! Once again, the pictures are pixelated, thanks to WordPress who only allows 3GB of pictures in the whole blog. Most pictures are not photoshopped, but some are cropped (obviously lol) Here’s a slideshow of our trip to the castle on 29th December 2010

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. =)  Enjoy, and if you do, click more (Not all the pictures will be shown in the post)


We took a train to the castle – do you know how difficult it was to capture nice scenery pictures when the train was zoooooming … I managed to capture a few that I like.



The train was traveling so fast, it was really lucky I managed to snap the picture. Best of all, no cropping, no photoshop – the picture is all natural. This picture, however, do no justice to the beautiful landscape we see during the train ride.

It was until this picture when I remembered that we transit at a station: Buchloe station. Now memory’s flooding back to me: we stood on the first 40 minutes train ride. But for the second train ride, we managed to get a compartment all to ourselves.

I stumbled across this picture in Caroline’s camera, and found it absolutely hilarious. Candid. Look at how emo I was, looking outside with legs crossed,  seemingly uninterested in taking the picture. But as I look closely, there I was, sleeping so gracefully. HEHEHEE.


After a couple of hours, we reached the bottom of the hill (where the castle was), purchased an entrance fee ticket and started off on foot up the hill. The place looked like a page out of a fairytale book: magical, surreal and breathtaking all at once.

It was a forty minutes walk uphill.


Sure, There are horse-ride, for a fee of £6 uphill and £3 downhill . But the stench of those horses were so overpowering that I had to hold my breath each time the horses passed by me. What’s worse were the horse dungs scattered on the pavements . Seriously, someone should teach those horses not to poo in public.

Nope, this is not the Neuschwanstein Castle. I cant seem to remember what the castle is called though. Help anyone?

I snapped a lot of pictures uphill, both scenery to zhi pai pictures. I realised I’m quite good at 自拍, cause I seem to get the picture of the places I want as background. It’s mafan to ask people to take your photograph each time… (not i like to 自拍 ho! :P) But of course, Caroline took some of the pictures – the ones you don’t see my hand stretching towards the camera.

Walking while eating my hot dog ! Lunch!

waterfall 🙂

You’re probably a little tired of seeing my pictures ruin the scenery photographs eh 🙂

Finally after what seems like forever, we reached the top!

Neuschwanstein Castle!

Much to their disappointment, the fog hasn’t really cleared up when we arrived. For me, it seemed magical. it was the wait for the most spectacular view to slowly unfold in front of us that makes the place so attractive to go to in the first place.

Group picture in front of Neuschwanstein castle, Munich

the sidewalk is pretty

the mountain next to the castle

Hohoho! Finally a picture without my puffer. See, i don’t look thaaaaat fat okay. And i am cold resistant ! 😀

a peak inside Neuschwanstein castle, Munich

It was finally time for us to enter the castle. the tour was quite brief, and no pictures were allowed, but i managed to get a quick snap. Guilty as charged. There was a movie at the end of the tour, where I fell asleep because it was soooo boring. Literally. Anyway, I wasn’t as pleased when we left the castle because I felt that they overcharged us for the tour! £6 for juuuuusssst that?

belinda *hugs*, me, and caro  🙂

This picture was taken inside the castle. If you look closely, there is a bridge at the back, called the Mary’s bridge. Path to the bridge is blocked, cause it was slippery and all, but there were still people who would risk their life to see the view. It was indeed beautiful, I agree, but not so beautiful if you fall, is it? Oh don’t mind me – sour grapes here. Not really.

Now this is how the castle looks like with all fogs cleared up. Still beautiful.

One final picture of me in front of the castle:

See, i told you i was good at this. The whole castle, and my liang moi face hehehee!

No more pictures for the day because camera battery ran dry. 😦 Our dinner was at a German restaurant , but all pictures were at Yee ching’s iphone4 (which was so beautiful i want to get one myself.) More about the night and the next day … the horror of 30th December 2011.





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