Goodbye, München.

29th December 2010, cont.

So the night continued as we went to a German restaurant called… what’s the name again? I’m so pleased to finally have a proper German meal in Germany. Did you know when dining in a German restaurant, we shouldn’t call the waiter by raising our hand up? Luckily our waiter was kind and just joked about it by mimicking our actions, and taught as that we shouldn’t be doing it LOL.

and I had lamb chops! Gosh it was Look how savoury it is. 🙂 Don’t you feel hungry just by seeing it? Don’t you, don’t you, don’t you? Just look at it!!! The price, surprisingly, was even cheaper than back in Miri (with bigger portions yum yum!) . Yee Ching just love my lamb chops and Caro claimed that it tastes exactly as how her mother made them. lol.

As you know, Munich is proud of their beer, which was extraordinarily cheap in the menu so yee ching and voon hui got one each. I forgot the name, but it was a popular drink. And *drumroll please*…. i had a sip of beer!

I do wonder what do people like about drinking beer.  It tasted nearly unbearable when the beer settled on the tastebuds, but when I swallowed it, I seriously. felt. like. puking. Seriously, why do people like drinking beer in the first place?

The reason we went to a fancy restaurant was because it was Caroline’s birthday. 🙂 But we couldn’t find a bakery shop anywhere at that late hour, so Yee Ching and Voon Hui went to Starbucks to get a slice of cake while the rest of us went back. It was blatantly obvious, she later told us, that we prepared a surprise for her.

Lol. look at the picture. She just came out from the showers. I was, once again, the last to shower. When I came out, it was like the world hit an OFF switch and everyone slept….

More about the next day? 


30th December 2010.

The day we left Munich.

We went to some tourist spots, just enjoy the scenery. Took pictures on random streets.

We went to climb over 300steps to the top of the tower (look above) and the view was amazing. Wanted to stitch the pictures up so they look panaromic but I just didn’t know how.. yet


We also went to explore the Munich Winter Garden. Caroline and I were way behind the four of them because we were too busy taking pictures.

cute pigeons

snow oh snow, want some?

ducks ducks ducks

me in front of a duck pond

There is something soothing about following the ducks around, taking pictures of them. By this time, the others had finished enjoying the scenery of the garden, and both of us rushed to the last part of the garden, the most beautiful site :

Our train was at 2.44pm but they were some confusions like 2pm or 2.22pm . So we split into two groups, caro, voon hui and i on one, and yee ching, vh mum and belinda on the other. The funny incident was, even though the other group started walking back to the hostel first, they arrived later than we did : because they got lost! hahahaha. so not funny if i got lost, but i didn’t 😛

one thing i noticed (and didn’t know until i did) is that the taxis are all Mercedes Benz .. cool dao bao.

We got on our ten hour train, at 2.44pm, and never arrived to Berlin till eight in the morning.

As told in the post a quick glance back to 2010:

Let me tell you something all of us will never forget. We took three different trains (transit twice before last destination, Berlin!) from munich to berlin. Our trip is supposed to take about 8 hours, reaching Berlin at 10pm. The first train was delayed for ten to thirty minutes, I am not entirely sure how long it was. The train just stopped halfway, with no platform on either sides of the train. I later deduced that there must be no platform available for the first stop so we had to wait. We missed our next connecting train because of the delay. So, we waited at the second station for about half an hour for the next train.

When it arrived, it was so packed that all six of us, and the other passengers going to Berlin had to stand. I am not going to complain because Caroline, Voon Hui and Yee Ching had it worse than us, breathing in secondary smoke in closed proximity. But what’s unbelievable true is that the engine of the train broke down five minutes before the second transit station. We waited for three hours for the next train to arrive before getting off the current train (mind you, no platforms!), down into the knee deep snow before boarding the next train. Thanks to someone who called the police for help.

The next train sent us to some place starting with Ab-… . It was about two in the morning  (the next day) and we were told to get off the train towards the station where everything was closed, including the toilets. According to the police, they were there to make sure “nobody freezes to death” . But we passengers knew better than to get of the train. The worse part was that all the announcement were in German, but the best side was the lovely passengers who were so willing to translate for us.

In the end, the lounge was opened for the passengers to crash before the next train at six in the morning (of 31st December 2010). Two hours wait.

Eight hours delay.

But, better late than never right?





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