Hop-hop, the bunny hops

I absolutely adore the PostADay2011 campaign from WordPress. Recently the topics are more appealing to me, but thanks to exams and time constraints, i decided not to write, but read what others have to say. It simply awes me thate people could articulate their thoughts so clearly and convincingly that it captivates me to read every single post.

No doubt, it is something I need to improve on. I learnt about a technique call ‘free writing’ . Read about it here . and I do agree with one of the comments: ” it is the most difficult part of writing –  staring at a blank screen/page can be so intimidating!”

There are countless times that I had stared at an empty screen, just waiting for inspirations to convey my thoughts into words. And alas, after a while, it remains empty, and i closed the page. How many of you does the exact same thing?

Well, what ya know. Probably this ‘free writing’ could change things.

Blog hopping is seriously addictive. Here are some posts worth reading. Just seeing how people get creative in writing inspires me to be a better blogger lol 😉 Check them out.

  1. A person that welcomes his/her birthday with such dignity.
  2. Today, I wave 25 goodbye and welcome another year.  Not panicked or at ease, but welcoming for a change and always for an adventure.  Friends have promised that 26 would be a good year.  I trust them and can’t wait for it to start happening.

    But on this particular day, I’m just going to smile and welcome this new number.

    Quoted: Another Number by phampants

  3. Don’t you just love it when a stranger you have never met have the exact same thoughts as you do?
  4. I am a big fate/destiny believer. Not that it is the best theory out there…but believing that everything happens for a reason is a great way to help people…adapt to any fucked up situation they’re in. Everyone wants to believe that they have a purpose…and believing that there’s is this invisible and irresistible force that is destined to lead you somewhere, is…comforting and convenient.

    Quoted: Everything Happens for a Reason by fortress29

  5. This blog is my personal favourite, because each posts shows how exciting and memorable her life was (and hilarious too!)- which made me feel that my life is so.darn.boring. lectures-shopping-movies-dinner-sleep-and the list goes round and round.
  6. My grandfather felt it was his duty to teach me a lesson — one which I never forgot and shaped the rest of my life. My grandfather sat me down and asked me why I wanted to smoke. I explained to him that I wanted to be a grown up and this seemed to be one of the things grown ups did. My grandfather listened very calmly and then said, “Well, if you are going to smoke, you might as well smoke the right way and let’s get you broken in right away so you can smoke as much as you would like without coughing all of the time.”

    I thought – Wow! My grandpa is pretty neat (it was 1961 — I didn’t know people were ‘cool’ yet!). That feeling didn’t last very long…

    Quoted: What I Learn From My Grandfather by pakkat80

  7. Looking at pictures… edited by Photoshop. My editing skills is so lousy that sometimes I don’t bother doing it. remember the normal cliche – natural is the best of all?
  8. Color matching in Photoshop.

    With color matching you are borrowing colors from a source photo to your final image. For that reason, it’s a good idea to have a variety of photos with different color casts. Find photos with varying shades of red or magenta or blue because the exact shade of the source image will transfer to target image. For example, if I want to make my sky more intense, I find a photograph that has the blue color that I like. Using color matching, that blue will go into the blue and no other color.

    Quoted: Getting Creative with Color by danjurak

  9. Operation Nice: BE NICE
  10. Little things make a big difference when we all do them together.

    So why does it seem like acts of kindness are few and far between nowadays? It’s easy to blame it on our goal-oriented society. We rush to accomplish task after task, neglecting the people surrounding us. It’s not that mankind is nasty, but kindness has temporarily slipped our minds. All we need is a little reminder.

    Visit this link: Operation Nice

Try reading some of the blogs, who knows you might be surprised.  You are welcome to suggest any link that you find interesting

. And now, I shall go back to study mode. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Hop-hop, the bunny hops

  1. Mr. Bacchus says:

    I just read your earlier entry about beer. It made me sad. Beer is one of God’s greatest inventions! Jesus turned water into wine, so we all know God loves people drinking, eh. Not all beers taste the same. Just because you didn’t like the one in Germany doesn’t mean you won’t like any as there are hundreds of different kinds of beer especially in the UK which has a history of brewing different styles. To say one doesn’t like beer after drinking only one kind is like saying one doesn’t like any fruit juices after only trying, for example, orange juice. Coincidentally, there is a very big beer festival on in your city of Manchester at this moment where people can try hundreds of different beers from all over the world! All kinds of styles and flavours! It only happens once a year. There is more information about it here: http://www.alefestival.org.uk/winterales/ Maybe you would find some you like.

  2. Katie says:

    What a great way to surf the posts and relate it to everything in your life! Glad you enjoy my stories. Life in general is hilarious — all you have to do is think about the platypus and it will bring a smile to your face!

  3. stickinsect says:

    I agree that post-a-day is a great idea. So interesting reading many different blogs that are about so many different subjects. Also, it is really helping me to write more. I wonder how long I will last. Thanks for the links to some of your favourite blogs.

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