Much to my disappointment, there is no hot water in Blue Core of Weston Hall for almost three four days now. We were told there was a fault with the boiler,  but nothing specific was mentioned. I lived in the top floor, andthere was an attic above my flat. It was usually locked, but two days ago, it wasn’t.

I’m literally dying of curiosity on what was inside the attic for quite a while now. The ladder was left unattended, and there was nobody around, so I took that as a window of opportunity. I climbed the ladder, rung by rung until I reached the top. It was until then I found out about the boiler house.

I found out the fault of the boiler house  – the pipes were leaking. Drip-drip-drip. There was almost an inch of water in the small space.  I crawled out soon after, afraid that I would be caught, but I wasn’t – which made me slightly bolder. I went back to my room, took my camera, climbed up the ladder, snapped a few pictures and hurried back down.

And I still wasn’t caught. 😉

For our convenience, we were allowed to use a room from Days Hotel next door to shower for free.  I went there three times, although I sometimes showered at Chia Khuan’s place in Green Core. (thank you ck!) The hotel was a smaller than my room, probably because there was a double bed. No closet space, but there was a tv. : )

When I was leaving Days Hotel today, I witnessed a very magical moment between a father and a child. The child, about two years old, was sitting on the father’s shoulder. As she let herself hung upside down on her father’s back, her delightful laughter bubbled across the lobby. It made me smile.

Such blissful happiness.

Then I thought to myself, recently there are a lot that we should be thankful for.

I looked at the cut on my left hand. And I’m thankful that it was just a tiny cut. It happened a few days ago when I was peeling potatoes.  Blood flowed continuously, but it didn’t hurt at first. Not thinking much about it, I finished cooking (and no, the blood didn’t drip into my food) and eating. The blood wouldn’t stop flowing so I put a bandage around it and continued with my revision. A few hours later, although blood has stop flowing, it hurt. Now, the blood has stop flowing, and the pus started to harden. Within a few more days, a layer of dried blood will form around the wound, while the inner tissue began the process of self-healing. And when it was time, I would peel it off.

The wound is similar to the heartbreak and disappointment we sometimes feel. When it happens at first, the body goes numb from any stimulus. Then when it began to hurt, I would try hard to nurture and build a wall around to keep myself away from any future grief. But the healing really began when I stopped trying so hard to protect myself. And fingers crossed, when the time comes, I would remove the (pain).  Although it may not be as visible as scars, no matter how tiny, we will always remember they will be there.

I’m thankful for..

For the food I can eat everyday.  I tried not to be too picky sometimes but baked beans remain on the top of the list of food to avoid.  (Picture at the side: Curry chicken I made yesterday! Malaysian curry *hearts*) For the many clothes I have in my wardrobe, here in Manchester and back in Miri…  reminds myself not to buy more clothing . The devil inside me says: Chinese new year is just around the corner!!!

For the knowledge from the university. For being able to read and write and type. For being able to multitask. I’m thankful that even though I probably screwed up the examinations, the thought of jumping off a building (the extremities of words .:lol:. ) never been acted on.

Many things to be thankful for, too long to be listed.

♥ And finally, I’m thankful for not being alone. Friends and family, two most important things we should never be without.♥

I casted another glance at the little girl and smiled before walking away.

The Law of Love could be best understood and learned through little children. – Mahatma Gandhi.

She just made my day.





3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Katie says:

    I really liked this post — I don’t think we take nearly enough time to reflect on the things we have instead of the things we don’t. Good job!

    Reply: hello katie! thank you to you too 😉 i just feel particularly thankful that day when i wrote this post.

  2. alittlesecret says:

    ugh…tat’s an ugly cut….are u ok now?

    Reply: i think you insert your blog link wrongly. since when you use wordpress hahaha. yeah it is, and it’s stil healing. a layer of hard skin still not peeled of yet. hehhhe. thank you for your concern 🙂

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