Year of Rabbit 2011

Bang the drums, it’s Chinese New Year 2011 !

Here’s my new desktop wallpaper for the month πŸ™‚ This year, the first day of CNY falls on feb3, a thursday. Manchester streets were awfully quiet, no big celebrations like the previous year. Probably it was the reason I miss spending chinese new year in miri so much that i went to look up the ticket price home. It was pricey, no doubt, especially from KL to Miri, a whooping total of RM749 for a one way trip.

Our exam week ended on 28th January, so we had just 5 days to prepare for new year. My definition of preparing is just BAKING COOKIES. We made many different cookies, and baking momo cookies is a must do because it’s a sarawak delicacy. πŸ˜€ The ingredients for kuih momo areΒ Β 800g of flour for 500g of butter (estimated), one egg yolk, a cup of caster sugar, and icing sugar for dusting. I wouldn’t dare to count the total amount of butter, flour and sugar we used – we bought 6 sticks of butter.

Some cookies pictures . We made kuih momo, coffee cookies, chocolate-coffee cookies, almond cookies, and orange cookies. The orange cookies was too watery because we used juice instead of orange syrup, so we made a cake instead – but it wouldn’t rise so i guess it’s called a large orange chocolate-chip cookie?Β Do you know we used almost 800g of butter for momo cookies alone? The first batch of momo cookies came out hard because of the wrong ratio of butter and sugar. But the next batch we did the following day came out perfecto!

Clockwise from top: Peanut cookies Ck brought from home, kuih momo.. the blue container contains orange cookies (the small orange ones), almond cookies and cherry-orange cookie), the square container on the left contains some burnt coffee cookies and unburnt coffee cookies. Right in the middle is the coffee cookies embedded with chocolate chips. πŸ˜€

I gave some of the cake (yes, cake) we baked to my flatmates and got a muffin and a few slices of cakes in return! Shared the cake, haven’t eaten the muffin yet.

We had lectures this week, no holidays for us *tears*, but we had our small cny eve celebration at my flat. To make the atmosphere more ‘new year feel’, I made some decorations, bought oranges and arranged the furniture a bit.

Look at the amount of food for just five people! We made food that reminded us of home: i made my grandmother and late aunt’s soy sauce, gingery chicken and eggs with dark soy sauce dish. Caroline made rendang chicken and potato (or was it laksa?), Chia Khuan with sparerib bak kut teh soup, Careena with her indian curry, and thank goodness for Looh Zhen who cooked vegetables, one with ‘old dry grandmother’ sauce or we are all eating just MEAT! There are also some salted vegetable with pork belly from the previous night.

Delicious isn’t it? We finished them all!

“when you can’t be close to home, all you need to do is make the place you’re living feel like home. β™₯ and all you need is to be surrounded by people you care about…. and coooookies! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR :)” Β don’t you agree? That’s my Facebook status for now.

That night, after the dinner at Pacific, Ying, Jake and Matthew joined us for a game of taboo! We played till around midnight. It was very fun! Whee~!

The day of CNY itself, 3feb11: While everyone in Malaysia is having their special time with family and friends, we went to lectures on the day. My lecture ended at 4pm, because Chemistry class was postponed! πŸ˜€ And coincidentally it was also my father’s birthday!

What i miss most now isn’t cookies, but KEROPOK! I miss eating those with acah. Send some to me pls. =)

P.S. the next CNY Β falls on 23rd January 2012. I’m bracing myself to celebrate new years with books.

To close up today’s post, I wish all of you a belated Happy Chinese New Year 2011. May a new year bring you fresh hopes and new aspirations, and may my wishes for you brings you love and warmth throughout the year.Β Have a promising and fulfilling Chinese New Year.




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