Out of Sem1, in to Sem2

This is the picture of Whitworth Hall, Manchester.

We had our examinations here just two weeks ago. I remembered that by the last paper, Safety, we were all exhausted and sadly, I.. was completely out of food. Glad to finally be stepping into Tesco and Aldi with no hurry to get back to our revision.


The next night, we celebrated Careena’s belated 21st birthday…

There are some people’s birthdays I never forget.  jan10: nginjion, jan15: ignatius ; jan19: careena; feb3: dad; mar2: guan, mar6: cyr: mar8: kelly may1: carmen; may18: cikyee; may19: mine! and aunt’s, may22: grandma, jun15: voonhui; jul25: siaw tien; sept5: cousin-karensept9: looh zhen; sept22: lilian, sept30: chia khuan, nov3: bro, nov28: mum, dec2: merciana, dec29: caro.  (sorry if I left any name out.. i’m just naming this on the top of my head)

Most dates are a little foggy by now, but my point is, there are many birthdays I don’t forget

No thanks to exams stress, Careena’s birthday completely slipped my mind until I saw Jasmin handing her a birthday card during Robin Curtis’ extra Thermo lecture. It’s a little too late,so we then waited until the very last day of exams to surprise her!

Here goes:

After selecting a gift, a bucket of KFC and a cake in hand, we went to Grosvenor Place (Thanks to Ying) we surprised her at her doorstep. It was kind of nice to see her smiling, i hope she doesn’t feel disappointed when we forget her birthday at first 😀

l-r: Ying, Looh Zhen, me, Careena aka birthday girl, chia khuan, caroline

Spot the birthday cake? =D

Here’s our birthday gift from Swarovski, a flower pendant: 

and the birthday card

we ate all the KFC and the cake, drank some smoothies and lychees. I remembered falling asleep halfway because they were all talking about artists and stars .. that i have no interest in 😦


feb6: Baekdu, Manchester

Our first Korean lunch in Manchester. Delicious. 🙂

there was a celebration in chinatown, but by then it was the fourth day in lunar calendar, and the new year spirit has died down a little. in fact, we just passed by chinatown to get to the korean restaurant, and spent the whole afternoon at Manchester Arndale.

Now it’s a new semester with unfamiliar subjects but more related to chemical engineering course: Distillation & Absorption.. Heat & Process Integration… Momentum, Mass & Heat Transfer.. System Measurement  and an Elective Subject which after two changes, I decided to stick to Environmental Technology.

Ah the horror of choosing your future line. All exciting yet terribly frightening. 🙂


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