This post is a little overdue, here goes. Enjoy the pictures!

Here’s a slideshow of every pictures here (all 56 of them!) The order of presentation is a little off, and if you find a picture you like, click on the link below to continue reading.

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After the eight hours delay (last post: Goodbye Munchen), we finally reached Berlin, exhausted and defeated.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof / Berlin Train Station

Meinneger Hotel

The Meinneger Hotel was, much to our tired legs, was just five minutes walk. We checked into two separate rooms; Caroline, Belinda and I were in one, while Yee Ching, Voon Hui and her mum were in the another. Our room was room501.  I remembered!

The room was big!

So was the bathroom.  🙂  Sorry I stinked up the whole place with my stinky boots 😦

Caro and I in the lift – with so many mirrors. Every single time I saw a place with so many mirrors I would think of.. chia khuan lol.  After putting our bags our room, we headed out to explore Berlin.

It was the last day of 2010, and Berlin felt awfully quiet, and dirty especially the muddy-snowy pathway. The snow has partially melted, with people stepping on it staining the pure white snow many blotches of brown footprints. It  got our boots so wet and stinky.

And along the way, we saw this cute car! I tried to blur everything out at the back but something went wrong – notice the edges? 😦

The Reichstag Building

This was a parliament building, but it reminded me of an opera house or something like that. On the architrave, there was a dedication “Dem Duetsche Volke” which means To the German People. The place was closed, so we took pictures outside.

snow all around us!

Brandenburg Gate

A former city gate.

Place where the new year celebration took place . We didn’t come here for the celebration because it was too crowded. But we did watch the fireworks from afar (pictures shown later)

We came by on the last day to take pictures!

Berlin Wall

Built in 1961, but why the need of a barrier between the West and East Berlin 😦

Save Our Planet! Grafitti or was it actually there since 1961 🙂

Charlie Checkpoint

Passed through checkpoint Charlie, where the Stasi and CIA spied on each ther and from where heroic and tragic escape attempts were made…. 

Yee Ching tried to do the kiss-on-Charlie’s cheek from across the road but the first picture was a blur and the second time, she felt shyyyyy because too many people passed by.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

The tower behind is the Fernsehturm Berlin – a television tower

Potsdam/ Lust Garden

Postdam is listed as a World Heritage site by the UN..

across the river

i feel very bright.. literally.

yee ching got all.. ‘lusty’ after knowing this is a lust garden 😛 i remembered voon hui giving a couple of euros to two strangers who were asking for it. it strikes me for a while: we often turned down opportunities to be nice to others, give a few pennies here and there – just because we’re afraid to be conned. reminded me of a phrase of the song change by Carrie Underwood.

What you’re gonna do with the 36 cents sticky with coke on your floorboard
When a woman on the street is huddled in the cold on a sidewalk bench trying to keep warm
Do you call her over, hand her the change ask her her story, ask her her name
Or do you tell yourself: You’re just a fool, just a fool to believe you can change the world

What you’re gonna do when you’re watching TV and an ad comes on, yeah, you know the kind
Flashing up pictures of a child in need for a dime a day, you could save a life
Do you call the number, reach out a hand or do you change the channel, call it a scam
Do you tell yourself”You’re just a fool, just a fool to believe you can change the world”


The Attes Museum

next to Potsdam.

Neue Wache (New Guard House)


Mercedes Benz showroom

If  I love cars, I would be estatic to enter this place:

but this caught my eyes instead. tell me, how adorable is this? 🙂

Food, food fooood

it’s not just me who takes picture of food – look at the other blogger!

I like this picture of Belinda.  i was taking pictures of the candle LOL

How cool is it to have a smiley face after your shop name ? Thumbs up to the food – and the stall sign!

The German Market

Paid 1Euro to get in, though I didn’t get anything, it was worth going into.


the beautiful flowery-fairies display caught my eyes! 🙂


Other Buildings


Marking the new year: yay it’s sooo beautiful!!

Beautiful, isn’t it?

the building across the park. Look at the starrsss

Thankfully, the flight back from Berlin wasn’t delayed. Thank you guys for inviting me to this trip!

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